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Support Active Travel to campus and locally in Bath

Support Active Travel to campus and locally in Bath

We have been working on Active Travel to get students walking or cycling to campus.

This year as part of our commitment to becoming a sustainable SU, we have been working on Active Travel to get students walking or cycling to campus when we are all allowed to return.

By cycling or walking to campus, you can help to reduce the amount of carbon used by buses and cars and see amazing benefits to your health and wellbeing. We know it can be pretty daunting to make the trip up Mount Bathwick Hill on a bike so were delighted that the University has granted the SU £10,000 to invest in making cycling to campus more accessible. This includes:

  • Investing in gear for students to hire. Things like bike helmets and phone holders for GPS. The SU already has bikes that you can hire from
  • Installing Grease Monkeys bike repair stations for any maintenance emergencies on campus and at Dartmouth Avenue. We hope to have these installed ready for September 2021.
  • Offering cycling sessions for students to feel more confident riding on the roads. We are researching providers to find the right opportunities to make you feel safe.

BANES Council has proposed improvements to cycle lanes and pedestrian routes to campus in their latest consultation. This includes routes from Combe Down and around North Road and Beckford Road. The SU has shown their support to these changes as we believe they will increase the safety and accessibility of cycling, eBiking, eScooting, and walking for journeys to and from campus. The consultation is open until 21 March so if you feel passionately you should have your say on the proposed changes. Active Travel Schemes Consult

SU Sport Officer Tom Sawko has been working with the Student Active Travel Advisory Group this year. Tom said “It’s been exciting to see momentum build for active travel in the SU, university, and local community. After declaring a climate emergency in May, there has been an injection of life in the scheme. With the help of extra resource and continued support from our student community, we hope to better equip those choosing to travel in a sustainable way. The BANES consultation deadline is really close, so please fill in the survey so that we can have an accessible and safe active travel infrastructure”

For more information on active travel and walking or cycling, maps visit