SU Bike Hire Scheme

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SU Sport have got 20 Bikes for people to use for group sessions, socials & personal hire. To use these you must have an SU Sport membership (Buy now).

You must provide your own safety equipment, we reccommend purchasing a helmet. 

To book a bike for youself please email with the information below, if you are booking for a group/club please contact Rachel on 01225 383763 for more information:

  • Bike size (use chart below)
  • Hire period (Dates)
  • Contact number 

You will recieve a confirmation email that means your bike is booked and you can collect the keys. When collecting the keys you need to read & sign the agreement form , also available in paper copy in the SU activities office. 

Upon collecting keys you will be given a Checklist which should be completed if there are any issues with the bike before, during & after use. When securing bikes off campus you should take pictures of the bike locked up correctly with frame and wheel padlocked.

There are 2 padlocks for the bikes, 1 must be left on campus on the bike stand where you found the bike, the other you must take for padlocking away from campus. Lose your keys, pay the fee.

Bike Size Chart Guide


Bike Size

Bike Frame Size (inch)

Cyclist Height (ft)

Cyclist Height (cm)

Extra Small

15 Inch

5ft – 5ft 3in

152cm – 160cm


17 Inch

5ft 3in – 5ft 6in

160cm – 167cm


19 Inch

5ft 6in – 5ft 10in

167cm – 177cm


21 Inch

5ft 10in – 6ft 1in

177cm – 185cm

Extra Large

23 Inch

6ft 1in – 6ft 4in

185cm – 193cm


Please note that all sizes are approximate and all bike seats are adjustable