Want to keep healthy? Fight back that ‘fresher-flab’? Meet new people? Or just have fun? Then recreational sport is for you.

At University of Bath we have a comprehensive recreational offer, which includes casual recreational sessions and competitive Intra-Mural activity.

View the timetable for 2019/20

Intra-Mural Sport

On the time table you will see that we have various Inter-Halls and an Inter-Department offer to take advantage of. These are slightly different to a ‘turn up and play’ recreational offer such as badminton; instead these are competitive leagues ran internally by the clubs and some even have training sessions.

There is a common misconception that you have to be a first-year to play inter-halls, however this isn’t true, instead you just play for the halls which you lived in during first year – So if you’re a final-year and lived in Eastwood during your first-year, you’ll play for the Eastwood.

Didn’t attend the University for your first-year? Get in contact with the coordinator of that session and they will put you in a team. Inter-Department offers are much the same, just instead of playing for your hall, you play for you department instead. These halls and department teams then compete against one another on a weekly basis to eventually be crowned champions.

Do I need to pay to participate in these sessions?

As is advertised on the recreational timetable, the only sessions which do not require club membership are the 6-a-side and futsal leagues. This doesn't mean that you have to pay to try out a session though, you can purchase the relevant club membership after attending two sessions should you wish to try it out.