Sport is an important part of student life at the University of Bath, with many students becoming involved with some aspect of student sport during their time at the University. It is a great means by which to keep active and healthy, develop personal skills through the management of a team or club, and also as a way to make friends that could last a life time.

SU Sport

SU Sport is the branch of the Students' Union that co-ordinates all aspects of student sport. With a team of staff, democratically elected Sports Officer and student Sports Executive Committee all working to make the student sport the best it can possibly be.

We have 48 sports clubs to join, ranging from American Football to Water Polo and even Shooting. All these clubs are run by a democratically elected student committee, therefore are ran by students, for students.

SU Sport can be identified by the Sports Crest which is taken from the main University of Bath Coat of Arms. When students compete, they do so playing under this crest as representatives of both the Students’ Union and University.

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Sport Officer

Your Sport Officer has to campaign to be elected into position each year in the SU Officer elections to oversee the running of SU Sport

Working closely with the area staff, it is their job to drive the development of the area, support our 48 student sports clubs and represent the student body on all things sport to the University and the Department of Sport Development and Recreation.

You can find out more about this year's Officer, what they have been working on, as well as their main objectives for the year on the central Union pages, but if you have any questions, or think we should be offering something that we don't already, then just email

The Department of Sports Development & Recreation (DSDR)

SDR is the university department which allocates and maintains the Sports Facilities. They also manage relationships with National Governing Bodies and provide some student clubs with coaching staff. The Sport Officer will regularly meet with DSDR representatives over the course of the year to try and further develop the sporting offer here and make sure that your views are being represented appropriately.

Team Bath is the brand for sport at the University of Bath. A common misconception is that Team Bath represents performance sport, whereas in fact it is simply the name for the family of sport at Bath. More information on DSDR and Team Bath can be found on the Team Bath Website.


SU Sport is governed by an area constitution which sets out the rules and regulations for the area.

SU Sport Constitution