The Exercise Buddy Scheme

Learn about the SU Exercise Buddy scheme, and how you can get involved!

At the time of writing, the exercise buddy scheme has paired around 200 people since its inception. But what is it, and how can you get involved?

The need for exercise and interaction with people is incredibly important, and as an SU we're really passionate about getting people moving and making new friendships. If your keen to get active but a club/group environment is not for you, or you just want to meet new people with similar interests, then this will be an ideal scheme for you.

We have created a simple survey that, once complete, will enable you to exercise with a buddy, either in-person, or virtually! We'll take a look at the activities you'd like to do, your rough location, a few other pieces of info, and try and find someone else with similar preferences.

We've had some great feedback on the scheme already, so have decided to carry this scheme on now that lockdown has ended.

So whether you'd like someone hundreds of miles away to do yoga with, or someone to walk with 2m away from, Fill in the survey today!