The results are in...

Thank you to everyone who nominated themselves in this election! 


Sports Executive Committee By-Election 2023-2024

Sport Exec - Events Coordinator Kang Guo-Benson


Sports Committees By-Election 2023-2024

Association Football & Futsal - IDFC Coordinator Lee Pulman
Association Football & Futsal - Inter-Halls Coordinator Lewis McLaren
Association Football & Futsal - Men's Football Rep Tom Hudson
Association Football & Futsal - Men's Futsal Representative Juan Mirabal
Association Football & Futsal - Recreational Futsal Coordinator James Hooper
Association Football & Futsal - Secretary Tom Hudson
Athletics - Female Track & Field Captain Nadya Collantes Gladkow
Athletics - Kit Secretary Joe Carter
Athletics - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Lizzy Ingram
Badminton - General Committee Member Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Basketball - D-League Commissioner Matheo Pinto Gomez De Zamora
Basketball - General Committee Member Hannah Brown
Basketball - General Committee Member Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Basketball - Kit and Equipment Secretary Boris Karov
Basketball - Secretary KT Kentopp
Basketball - Social Secretary Luna Lozano Hoyos
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Secretary Adiella Norridge
Boxing - General Committee Member Albert Ismagilov
Boxing - Treasurer Daniel Salahshoori
Canoe Club - Secretary Oli Brady
Cheerleading - Competition Stunt Coach Rebecca Kalli
Cricket - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Yaz Carney
Cue Sports - Treasurer Olivia Warner
Fencing - Chair Diego Baird-Ludlow
Gliding - Treasurer Alec Shackleton
Golf - General Committee Member Matthew Sells
Golf - General Committee Member Zac Price
Handball - Secretary Madeleine Freeborn
Hockey - Recreational Coordinator Hannah Rees
Hockey - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer (Male) Giles Woodland
Jiu Jitsu - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Oscar Lin
Karate - Mens Captain Joseph Bryant
Karate - Secretary Evie Beadles
Kickboxing - Chair Charlie Carter
Kickboxing - Full Contact Captain Charlie Carter
Kickboxing - General Committee Member Sol Merritt
Kickboxing - Men's Captain Tom Monediere-Carter
Kickboxing - Social Secretaries James Carter
Kickboxing - Treasurer Bianka Scott
Lacrosse - Kit Secretary Tom Dickinson
Lacrosse - Secretary Katerina Goold
Motorsports - General Committee Member Jesse Doorgeest
Motorsports - General Committee Member Josh Mobsby
Motorsports - General Committee Member Paul Simard
Motorsports - Treasurer Jake Patel-Skelding
Mountaineering - Orienteering Secretary Josh Nicholas
Netball - Recreational Netball Coordinator Eliza Porter
Netball - Social Secretary Abi Falconer
Padel - General Committee Member Audrey Fung
Padel - Treasurer Yasseen Hamouda Mohamed
Riding - Treasurer Sophie Haydock
Rowing - Novice Captain Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Rugby - Men's Development Officer Max Covill
Rugby - Men's Social Sec Matt Richards
Rugby League - Club Captain Patrick Lynch
Rugby Touch - Vice Chair Steph Sullivan
Rugby Touch - Welfare and Inclusivity Secretary John Malpass
Sailing - Social Secretary Iolo Davies
Sailing - Tour & Kit Secretary Killian Magee
Shooting - Bath Challenge Competition Officer Rollo Tiffin
Shooting - Bath Challenge Dinner Officer Alex Pang
Surf - Head Chef Roxanne Clayton
Surf - Water Safety and Progression Officer Oliver Anderson
Swimming - Chair Sam Lawton
Swimming - Kit Secretary Dylan Godwin
Swimming - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Lucian Munro
Taekwondo - Kit Manager Aakankshya Adhikari
Taekwondo - Social Secretary Tom Mckee
Tennis - Secretary Orla Cooper
Volleyball - Club Development Officer (CDO) Oliver Strong
Water Polo - Social Secretary Fletcher Stevenson


Sports Executive Committee 2023-2024

Sport Exec - Chair Michael Buamah
Sport Exec - Events Coordinator  
Sport Exec - Inclusion Officer  
Sport Exec - Marketing Officer  
Sport Exec - Media Officer  
Sport Exec - Performance Sport Officer  
Sport Exec - Recreational Coordinator  
Sport Exec - Treasurer Jamie Cubitt
Sport Exec - Treasurer Robert Preston
Sport Exec - Volunteer Recognition Coordinator Matthew Houghton
Sport Exec - Welfare Officer Ellie Muir


Sports Committees 2023-2024


American Football - Chair George Craven
American Football - Game Day Manager Hassan Hammad
American Football - Kit Manager David Hughes
American Football - Merchandise Secretary Ryota Okubo
American Football - Secretary Angus Gueterbock
American Football - Social Secretary Oliver Powell
American Football - Social Secretary Neil Hudson
American Football - Treasurer Ralph O'Hara
American Football - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Nathaniel Baggarley
Archery - Captain Louis Huygens
Archery - Captain Adam Wild
Archery - Chair Daniel Clarke
Archery - Equipment Officers Dominic Sykes
Archery - General Committee Member Chloe Sagun
Archery - General Committee Member Joe Maskell
Archery - General Committee Member Gerald Ngai
Archery - General Committee Member Jeff Huang
Archery - Social Secretary Merlin Dillingham
Archery - Treasurer Harry Semple
Archery - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Cleo Wilkinson
Association Football & Futsal - 6-a-side Coordinator  
Association Football & Futsal - Chair Hayden Morris
Association Football & Futsal - Treasurer Izzy Fry
Association Football & Futsal - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Megan Goff
Athletics - Chair Alexa Mesham
Athletics - Cross-country Captain Antara Jain
Athletics - Male Track & Field Captain Justin Davies
Athletics - Recreational Coordinator Ruby Carter
Athletics - Secretary Theo Cheshire
Athletics - Social Secretary Alfie Robinson
Athletics - Treasurer Francesca Davidson
Badminton - Chair Adam Shepherd
Badminton - Recreational Session Coordinator  
Badminton - Recreational Session Coordinator Alexis Irina
Badminton - Recreational Session Coordinator Adam Shepherd
Badminton - Secretary Trinity Akehurst
Badminton - Social Media Secretary Noah Hammond-Hagan
Badminton - Treasurer Grace Newman
Badminton - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Anna Webster
Basketball - Chair Torin Jenkins
Basketball - Treasurer George Goates-Smith
Basketball - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Joshua Ogbanufe
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Chair Katharine Ashley Easter
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Class Coordinator Emily Archer
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Social Media Manager Mia Revill
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Social Secretary Jasmine Dean
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Treasurer Jemima Hallett
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Welfare Officer Adiella Norridge
Boxing - Chair Izzie Barclay
Boxing - General Committee Member Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Boxing - General Committee Member Daniel Salahshoori
Boxing - General Committee Member Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) #1
Canoe Club - Chair Luke Pond
Canoe Club - Coaching Secretary Jessica Pinnell
Canoe Club - Kit Secretary Sam Foote
Canoe Club - Polo Rep Caitlin Jones
Canoe Club - Publicity Sec Lucy Townsend
Canoe Club - Social Secretary Simon Maddison
Canoe Club - Transport Secretary Oliver Townsend
Canoe Club - Treasurer Mikey Vrieling Van Tuijl
Canoe Club - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Keira Smith
Cheerleading - Chair Melody Batt
Cheerleading - Competition Organiser Carla Shipley
Cheerleading - Competition Stunt Coach Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Cheerleading - Competition Stunt Coach Kate Clewer
Cheerleading - Dance Coach Aelwen Haines
Cheerleading - Performance Coach Emily Carter
Cheerleading - Social and Inclusivity Secretary Maisie Rose
Cheerleading - Social Secretary Emily Murray
Cheerleading - Treasurer Anne Huang
Cheerleading - Uniform Officer Immie Cox
Cheerleading - Vice Chair Piper Avery
Cricket - Chair Tom Newell
Cricket - Secretary Jamie Quantick
Cricket - Social secretary Tobias Ross
Cricket - Treasurer Dan Watson
Cricket - Women's Rep Jenni Hargreaves
Cricket - Women's Social Secretary Ella Ransley
Cue Sports - Chair Sam Martin
Cue Sports - General Committee Member Jonathan Pugsley
Cue Sports - General Committee Member Haydn Howarth
Cue Sports - General Committee Member Archie Heap
Cue Sports - General Committee Member Nathan Xiu
Cycling - Chair Liam Bell
Cycling - Events Co-ordinator George Gray
Cycling - General Committee Member Daniel Crees
Cycling - General Committee Member Tom Collinson
Cycling - General Committee Member Fergus Phelan
Cycling - Off-Road Captain Dan Blackmore
Cycling - Road Captain Dylan Griffiths
Cycling - Secretary Claudia Westwood
Cycling - Social Secretary Sam Salih
Cycling - Treasurer Henry Higgins
Cycling - Women's Captain Martha Lebentz
Dodgeball - Chair Dylan Buckley
Dodgeball - Club Development Officer Isaac Murray
Dodgeball - Club Secretary Evan Johns
Dodgeball - Men's Captain Robert Gwilt
Dodgeball - Social Secretary Ethan Brown
Dodgeball - Treasurer Natasha Marino
Dodgeball - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Daye Kim
Dodgeball - Women's Captain Alice Player
Fencing - Men's Captain Jacob Mitchell
Fencing - Novice Coordinator Owen Harms
Fencing - Social Secretary Luca Volentir
Fencing - Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Alida Van Der Merwe
Fencing - Treasurer Harvey Ayling
Fencing - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Hannah Ahmed
Fencing - Women's Captain Lara Tyler
Gliding - Chair Marcellus Harris
Gliding - General Committee Member Peter Spencer
Golf - Chair Eilidh Henderson
Golf - Development Secretary Alex Jolly
Golf - Secretary David Costello
Golf - Treasurer Max Slater
Golf - Welfare Officer Kieran Chauhan
Golf - First Team Captain Will Lancaster
Gymnastics - Chair Ella Macandie
Gymnastics - General Committee Member Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Gymnastics - General Committee Member Yasmine Szewczyk
Gymnastics - General Committee Member Fraser Brooker
Gymnastics - General Committee Member Jenna Hammoudeh
Gymnastics - Treasurer Megan Hopwood
Handball - Chair Lewis Mccarthy
Handball - Fixtures and Competitions Secretary Logan Emmerton
Handball - Kit Secretary Calix Law
Handball - Social Sec Cameron Hancock
Handball - Training Coordinator Charli Watkin
Handball - Treasurer Robert Preston
Handball - Welfare Secretary Logan Emmerton
Handball - Women's Captain Charli Watkin
Hockey - Chair Luke Cunningham
Hockey - Kit & Equipment Secretary James Edwards
Hockey - Secretary Christian Moody
Hockey - Social Sec Female Cara Fraser
Hockey - Social Sec Male Henry Faulkner
Hockey - Treasurer Ollie Jameson
Hockey - Vice-Chair Liam White
Hockey - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer (Female) Maria Coffey
Jiu Jitsu - Chair William Mcdade
Jiu Jitsu - Kit Secretary Tom Coleman
Jiu Jitsu - Secretary Jess Flanders
Jiu Jitsu - Social Secretary Lily Tyler
Jiu Jitsu - Social Secretary Aakankshya Adhikari
Jiu Jitsu - Treasurer James Cameron
Judo - Chair Roxy Proctor
Judo - General Committee Member Rudransh Chitalia
Judo - General Committee Member Cameron Charles
Judo - General Committee Member Austin Milward
Judo - Treasurer Cameron Charles
Karate - Chair Jonny Gough
Karate - Kit Officer Liam Turpin
Karate - Mens Captain Jonny Gough
Karate - Treasurer Hiren Venn
Karate - Vice-Chair Adam Deaney
Karate - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Sanika Saraf
Karate - Womens Captain Holly Annetts
Kickboxing - Social Secretaries Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Kickboxing - Social Secretaries Akudzwe Chawarika
Kickboxing - Women's Captain Ayesha Potts
Lacrosse - Chair Emi Cole
Lacrosse - Club Development Officer Richard Morgan
Lacrosse - Mens Development Coordinator Ben Witham
Lacrosse - Mens Social Secretary Samuel Davin
Lacrosse - Men's Welfare & Inclusivity Officer Matthew Short
Lacrosse - Social Media Coordinator Megan Marter
Lacrosse - Treasurer Remo Volpe
Lacrosse - Womens Development Coordinator Holly Ayliffe
Lacrosse - Womens Social Secretary Ellie Livingstone
Lacrosse - Women's Welfare & Inclusivity Officer Emily Cooper
Latin and Ballroom - Chair Carolyn Acevedo
Latin and Ballroom - Events Secretary Dominic Sykes
Latin and Ballroom - Promotion & Communication Secretary Sima Smadi
Latin and Ballroom - Secretary Amélie Dubois
Latin and Ballroom - Social Secretary Megan Edwards
Latin and Ballroom - Team Captain Julia Wojcik
Latin and Ballroom - Team Captain Amelia Rodrigues
Latin and Ballroom - Treasurer Jack Cooper
Latin and Ballroom - Wardrobe Coordinator Becky Shott
Latin and Ballroom - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Evie Adams
Motorsports - Chair Max Dymond
Motorsports - General Committee Member Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Motorsports - General Committee Member Stephanie Hobeika
Motorsports - General Committee Member Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) #1
Motorsports - General Committee Member Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) #2
Motorsports - Kart Captain Axel Slijepcevic
Mountaineering - Chair Amy Goncalves
Mountaineering - Climbing Secretary Anissa Mayouf
Mountaineering - Climbing Secretary Beth Burnett
Mountaineering - Gear Secretary Tom Morgan
Mountaineering - Media Secretary Emma Wilkes
Mountaineering - Orienteering Secretary Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Mountaineering - Orienteering Secretary William Garnett
Mountaineering - Secretary Helene Rittscher
Mountaineering - Social Secretary Jack Ingram
Mountaineering - Treasurer Joseph Shouksmith
Mountaineering - Walking Secretary Hana Williams
Mountaineering - Walking Secretary Heather Dalgleish
Netball - Chair Molly Robb
Netball - Development Netball Coordinator Charlotte Coldicott
Netball - Kit Secretary Poppy Oliver
Netball - Mixed and Men's Netball Coordinator Cassie Walker
Netball - Secretary Jemma Phillips
Netball - Social Media Secretary Lucy Chatwin
Netball - Social Secretary Sasha Kelly
Netball - Treasurer Becca Anderson
Netball - Umpiring Secretary Charlotte Watts
Netball - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Charlotte Orton
Padel - Chair Dan Skinner
Padel - General Committee Member Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Riding - Chair Kate Rutherford
Riding - General Committee Member Jodie Rogers
Riding - General Committee Member Olive Sun
Riding - General Committee Member Kimmee Wongchumphit
Rounders - Chair Amy Williams
Rounders - General Committee Member Peter Berthelemy
Rounders - Social Secretary Olivia Gribble
Rounders - Treasurer Abi Edbrook
Rounders - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Peter Berthelemy
Rowing - Chair Lottie Henden
Rowing - Coxing Captain Emma Little
Rowing - Equipment & Safety Secretary Matthew Roe
Rowing - Marketing & Recruitment Officer Louis Sampson
Rowing - Novice Captain Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Rowing - Novice Captain Dylan Gray
Rowing - Social Secretary Sienna Black
Rowing - Social Secretary Rachael Debenham
Rowing - Treasurer Sam Evans
Rowing - Vice Chair Phoebe Horan
Rowing - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer / Senior Men's Captain Harry Caulfield
Rowing - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer / Senior Women's Captain Ikmun Gill
Rugby - Chair John Taylor
Rugby - Kit Secretary Lachlan Mcgrigor
Rugby - Men's Representative Tom Black
Rugby - Men's RUSH-D Coordinator Matt Richards
Rugby - Treasurer Tom Reynolds
Rugby - Women's Development Officer Kim Thurlow
Rugby - Women's Representative Sophie Goulder - Perks
Rugby - Women's Social Media Sec Sona Yadav
Rugby - Women's Social Sec Lucy Mcgrath
Rugby League - Chair Tom Keeley
Rugby League - Social Media Secretary Jack Whitehead
Rugby League - Social Secretary Edward Crofts
Rugby League - Treasurer James Gilbert
Rugby Touch - Chair Matt Coombs
Rugby Touch - Coach/Captain Matt Coombs
Rugby Touch - Kit Secretary William Lewis
Rugby Touch - Social Media Secretary Eva Eynaud
Rugby Touch - Social Secretary Will Hoffmann
Rugby Touch - Social Secretary Euan Davies
Rugby Touch - Team Manager Iwan James
Rugby Touch - Treasurer Danny Ticehurst
Rugby Touch - Vice Chair Danny Ticehurst
Rugby Touch - Welfare and Inclusivity Secretary Jamie Farrey-Hudson
Sailing - Bosun Gruff Green
Sailing - Chair James Thomas
Sailing - Club Development Officer (CDO) Nicholas Burt
Sailing - Rec & Beginner Coordinator George Simpson
Sailing - Secretary Viviana Vargas Sotelo
Sailing - Social Secretary Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Sailing - Social Secretary Emily Haslam
Sailing - Team Captain Eabha Strong-Wright
Sailing - Treasurer Christian Pengelly
Sailing - Vice Chair Jaimie-Lee Lewis
Sailing - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Marli Matthews
Shooting - Chair Anna Pretorius
Shooting - Shotgun Captain Bart Hobson
Shooting - Social Secretary Isobel Owen
Shooting - Treasurer Lyla Warner
Shooting - Vice-President Alistair Bett
Shooting - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Emily Duke
Squash - Chair Max Tyree-Munne
Squash - Club Development Officer (CDO) Luke Relph
Squash - Men's Captain Alex Pooley
Squash - Secretary Luke Jones
Squash - Social Media Coordinator Oliver Burley
Squash - Social Secretary Julien Stanley
Squash - Treasurer Nico Ostler
Squash - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Abby Winfield
Squash - Women's Captain Imogen Fox
Surf - Chair Samuel Rose
Surf - Merchandise and Kit Secretary Ben Way
Surf - Social Secretary James Cleary
Surf - Treasurer Luke Jones
Surf - Trip Organiser Luke Ellingham
Surf - Trip Organiser Lucy Milling
Surf - Welfare, Inclusivity and Sustainability Officer Abigail Adrian
Swimming - Events Secretary Ellie Chalk
Swimming - Performance Captain Jemima Hall
Swimming - Recreational Coordinator Jess Westlake
Swimming - Recreational Swimming Captain Gregor Bunney
Swimming - Social Secretary Fraser Buxton
Swimming - Social Secretary Genevieve Long
Swimming - Treasurer Alex Turnbull
Table Tennis - Chair Jake Crawshaw
Table Tennis - General Committee Member Raihan
Table Tennis - General Committee Member Yuki Aizawa (Orange shirt)
Table Tennis - General Committee Member Aimee Wong
Table Tennis - General Committee Member Zheng Lee
Table Tennis - General Committee Member Habina Seo
Table Tennis - Social Secretary Daniel Watkinson
Table Tennis - Treasurer Tim Walters
Taekwondo - CDO (Club Development Officer) Asif Rob
Taekwondo - Chair Paul Petan
Taekwondo - Events Coordinator Lani Widdeson
Taekwondo - ITF Style Captain Mi-Ha Snapes
Taekwondo - Secretary Leonia Kouma
Taekwondo - Social Secretary Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Taekwondo - Social Secretary Juste Balkyte
Taekwondo - Treasurer John Steward
Taekwondo - Vice Chair Erin Thompson
Taekwondo - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Aarshia Balchandani Chawla
Taekwondo - WTF Style Captain Ismail Hussain
Tennis - BUCS Social Media Manager Kaze Mcgonigal
Tennis - BUCS Social Secretary Frank Johnston
Tennis - Chair Alex Raphael
Tennis - Events Manager Davey Prothero
Tennis - Fast4 Coordinator Max Balas
Tennis - Rec Social Media Secretary Mahala Smith
Tennis - Rec Social Sec Luke Thomas
Tennis - Recreational Coordinator Max Balas
Tennis - Recreational Coordinator Peter McClements
Tennis - Treasurer Harry Lazell
Trampoline - Chair August Smith
Trampoline - Coaching & Kit Coordinator Beatrice Carroll
Trampoline - Competition Captain Lara Carr
Trampoline - Events Coordinator Jonty Sewell
Trampoline - Events Coordinator Erin Snape
Trampoline - Social Secretary Celeste Bowden
Trampoline - Treasurer Abby Shearer
Trampoline - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer John Kerr
Triathlon - Chair Aaron Villoslada Rodriguez
Triathlon - Events Organiser Zoe Bainbridge
Triathlon - General Committee Member Siobhain Doyle
Triathlon - General Committee Member Matthew Holmes
Triathlon - General Committee Member Caitlin Wiggers
Triathlon - Secretary Kai Thomas
Triathlon - Social Sec Toby Thorogood
Triathlon - Treasurer Josh Brown
Ultimate Frisbee - Chair Max Kienzle
Ultimate Frisbee - Coach Sebastian Hart
Ultimate Frisbee - General Committee Member Violet Shuai
Ultimate Frisbee - General Committee Member Matt Smith
Ultimate Frisbee - General Committee Member Emilia Mlynarczyk
Ultimate Frisbee - Men's Captain Tom Oliver
Ultimate Frisbee - Men's Vice/Mixed Captain Marcell Kuba
Ultimate Frisbee - Social Secretary Rhys Jones
Ultimate Frisbee - Social Secretary Alex Bradshaw
Ultimate Frisbee - Treasurer Ben Brownstone
Ultimate Frisbee - Women's Captain Kate Routledge
Ultimate Frisbee - Women's Vice/Mixed Captain Pieter Keenan
Volleyball - Chair Maksim Stepanov
Volleyball - Kit and Equipment Officer Wee Li Khor
Volleyball - Media Coordinator Alisa Fridman
Volleyball - Recreational Officer Pop Sujarirat
Volleyball - Secretary Camille Kok
Volleyball - Social Secretary Alice Zundo
Volleyball - Social Secretary Daniel Hope
Volleyball - Treasurer Dev Shyamala
Volleyball - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Martyna Binek
Water Polo - Chair Alex Mosey
Water Polo - Men's Captain James Wainwright
Water Polo - Secretary Kang Guo-Benson
Water Polo - Strength & Conditioning Coach Izzy Langley
Water Polo - Treasurer Jonathan Roche
Water Polo - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Naomi Barrett
Water Polo - Women's Captain Zoe Miller
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Chair Jamie Brine
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Powerlifting Captain Katy White
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Secretary Alex Grant
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Social Secretary Beau Pointing
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Treasurer Andrea Ferranti
Windsurfing - Chair Jude Neame
Windsurfing - General Committee Member Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Windsurfing - General Committee Member Oscar Ferenczy
Windsurfing - Treasurer Kevin Poisot