Bath Active

We are not just about playing sports competitively at Bath. Take advantage of our free social sport programme.

Bath Active - Your Fun, Free, Social Activity Programme - Give it a go and get active


At Bath we are not just about playing sports competitively, we also have a thriving social sport and activity programme you can get involved with FOR FREE!

If you are interested in running Bath Active session this year please visit here


We are currently updating the timetable in line with our fantastic Activators timetables, most sessions will return on the week of the 6th February.

Monday Yoga - returning 16th January

Tuesday Badminton - returning 31st January

Sunday S&C (Strength and Flexibility) - returning 5th January

Thursday Yoga - returning 2nd February.

Saturday Touch Rugby - Returning 18th February.


2022/23 Timetable*

*Please Note - Golf session are by-weekly! They only be on the following dates: 10/02, 24/02, 10/03, 24/03, 21/04, 05/05

We are constantly looking to expand our Bath Active offers, so this timetable will be ever-expanding throughout the year!


 Activity Bites

It's often hard to find time for activity in our busy schedules. You can either drop in for part of a long session (eg swimming) or the sessions are just 30 minutes. Some previous Activity Bite sessions are below

  • Dance Fitness An Aerobic workout that incorporates many forms of dance.
  • Yoga Stretching & breathing session that will keep your mind and body relaxed.
  • Circuits Get fit but have fun while doing it. Circuits will test your aerobic fitness whilst building muscle.
  • High Intensity Interval Training A quick and easy way to get some exercise into your schedule. It's not as intense as it sounds and you can have great fun doing them. 
  • Spikeball New fun and exciting - check out How to play.
  • 6-a-side Our 6-a-side session give you a chance to turn up for 30 mins and get put into a team to play another team in a relaxed fun game environment.
  • Football-Tennis A mix of 2 popular sports. Kick the football over the tennis net between 2 or more people. Lots of fun to be had. 
  • Kick-Fit SU Kickboxing are running a short fitness session, so you can get changed, have a fun & intense workout, shower and return to your lives inside a lunch break! There will be no kickboxing within the session but may be some fun and interesting ways to get fit with the equipment available. 

 Give it a go

This is an opportunity to try a sport. Everyone is welcome, whether you have never played, or would like a refresher. Some previous Give It A Go sessions are below:

  • Volleyball All you’ve got to do is hit the ball over the net.  
  • Sitting Volleyball An adaptation of volleyball, the net is lower and you have to hit the ball over from sitting on the floor.
  • Football Pass the ball around in your team & score a goal. 
  • Basketball Pass, bounce, pass, bounce, bounce,. Score by getting it through the hoop. 
  • Wheelchair Basketball Like above expect you're sat in a wheelchair. 
  • Netball Run by our University Netball officer - enjoy learning some of the skills that go with this enjoyable game that's all about teamwork.
  • Touch Rugby The non-contact version of rugby. If you get “tagged” you lose the ball. Anyone can play!
  • Floorball Ice hockey without the ice. Floorball is an indoor version of the game hockey, using sticks you pass the ball around & score a goal.

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