Bath Active - Your Fun, Free, Social Activity Programme - Give it a go and get active


At Bath we are not just about playing sports competitively, we also have a thriving social sport and activity programme you can get involved with FOR FREE!

Check out the sessions available below and join the Facebook group 


1500-1600: Dance Fitness - The Edge Dance Studio 

1700-1800: Circuits - Founders Hall 

1800-1900: Sitting Volleyball - Founders Hall 




*1500-1600: Yoga - Bath Yoga Studio BA1 2BT

1930-2030: Football - STV Astro 1


1700-1800: PG Touch Rugby - STV Astro 1


1000-1130: Volleyball - Founders Hall

1200-1400: PG/Staff Football league - STV Astro 1


1700-1900: Touch Rugby - STV Astro 1


1730-1900: Floorball - Founders Hall 

* Please note these sessions are off campus

Activity Bites

These sessions are on offer as drop in or shorter sessions to fit around your schedule.

Dance Fitness An Aerobic workout that incorporates many forms of dance.

Yoga Stretching & breathing session that will keep your mind and body relaxed.

Circuits Get fit but have fun while doing it. Circuits will test your aerobic fitness whilst building muscle.

Give it a go

This is an opportunity to try a sport.

Volleyball All you’ve got to do is hit the ball over the net.  

 Sitting Volleyball An adaptation of volleyball, the net is lower and you have to hit the ball over from sitting on the floor.

Football Pass the ball around in your team & score a goal.

Touch Rugby The non-contact version of rugby. If you get “tagged” you lose the ball. Anyone can play!

Floorball Ice hockey without the ice. Floorball is an indoor version of the game hockey, using sticks you pass the ball around & score a goal.

Bath Activators - NEW for 2019/20

We are looking for students to become the face of social sport & take control of encouraging an active campus. If you are interested in this role please take a look at the expression of interest form , fill it out and send to by Sunday 22nd September. 

If you require any more information please contact