As a student, money is a massive consideration you to have throughout your degree. There are various costs associated with playing sport at the University of Bath, however you’ll be glad to know we remain one of the cheapest universities in the country and what you get in return is outstanding.

Club Membership - £36 (Includes. SU Sport Membership)

Joining an SU Sport's student club covers the whole year, this includes the £11 SU Sport membership. Purchasing club membership will give you access to core club activities and cover, facility hire, equipment, coaching, personal liability insurance etc. all year round.

Please note some clubs will run additional activities which may require extra payment in trip and/or match fees, although this varies from club to club; all trips are heavily subsidised by SU Sport.

Buy club memberships

SU Sport Membership - £11

If you want to get involved in sport but don't want to commit to joining a club this membership is the one to go for, it is only £11 and you get a number of SU Sport entitlements and offers advertised throughout the year, including things like equipment hire, we also give out a limited number of FREE T-SHIRTS at the start of the year.

PLEASE NOTE: The SU Sport membership runs from the 1st August until the 31st May.


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.

BUCS Membership - 

BUCS League Fee - £68 

BUCS Tournament Fee - Each event is assessed individually 

If you are selected to compete in BUCS competitions, then there is an additional fees.

This covers:

  • Entry into BUCS competition
  • Travel to various fixtures around the country
  • Facility hire
  • Personal Liability Insurance
  • Officials
  • Equipment
  • A 'BUCS Athlete' performance t-shirt

Again, all of these costs are heavily subsidised by the Students' Union, however, there may be additional costs for some competitions, such as for competitor’s accommodation if an event runs over the weekend or abroad. 

You can only buy the BUCS Fee for your club after you have paid the membership fee. The BUCS Fee can be found on the Products page of the relevant club.

Sports Department 

Our sport facilities; Team Bath also offer a range of services, from gym memberships, personal training & facility bookings. To find out more about this click here.