SU Sport Memberships

No matter what level you are, we have something for everyone. Buy your membership now and get involved with any of our 53 sports


Buy your £30 SU Sport Membership and then join any of our 52 Sports clubs for only £10 each. This will allow you to get involved with the sports you love or maybe try a new one.

The SU Sport Membership includes equipment / bike hire, Personal Injury Insurance cover, coaching and facility costs for the current academic year, therefore you will not need to buy a separate £20 equipment hire fee. More insurance info please visit here 

·       SU Sport - Membership 2023/24 £30.00

·       SU Sport - Equipment Hire 2023/24 £20.00

Club Membership – Only £10 each!

Once you have purchased your SU Sport Membership, make sure you join the clubs you want by buying their membership on each club page. 

Extra costs: There are some sports that will require extra payments before you can get going with certain activities! These costs will range from insurance, to transport, to internal tournament or league fees, and many will be subsidised by SU Sport.

Insurance: Please read this Insurance Document

Other: Some sports have other prerequisites, ie. Swim tests for watersports. They’ll need to be done before you can start up with regular sessions on the water.

Please note – This membership is just for one year, as we make our way out of Covid restrictions. SU Sport will reassess the membership ahead of the 2022/23 academic year.

BUCS Membership - 2023/24

BUCS League Fee - £75* 

BUCS Tournament Fee - Approx £70-95*  

If you are selected to compete in BUCS competitions, then there is an additional fees.

This covers:

Again, all of these costs are heavily subsidised by the Students' Union, however, there may be additional costs for some competitions, such as for competitor’s accommodation if an event runs over the weekend or abroad. 

You can only buy the BUCS Fee for your club after you have paid the membership fee. The BUCS Fee can be found on the Products page of the relevant club.

*All prices above are for the 2023-2024 academic year and may be subject to change in future years.

Sports Department 

Our sport facilities; Team Bath also offer a range of services, from gym memberships, personal training & facility bookings. To find out more about this click here.

Further updates and information on DSDR and Team Bath can be found on the Team Bath Website.