The SU Sport Executive Committee is elected by all club members every year and supports the Officer to make all students' sport experience the best it can be. They are some of the most committed, hard-working and knowledgeable volunteers that The SU has!

Each Exec member has their own remit, from event organisation for thousands of people (like Snowball and Varsity), to recreational sport and performance strategy.

Check out each exec member below to find out more about their role.

Sports Reporter

  1. Gather reports and photos from all sports clubs.
  2. Liaise with student media to ensure the publication of sporting achievements and events.
  3. Work with sports clubs to give all sports equal opportunity for promotion.
  4. Report on ALL university sport to ensure clubs, individuals and volunteers get the publicity they deserve.
  5. Present on the weekly radio show and produce and update the sports newsletter.

Volunteer Recognition Coordinator

  1. Work with the Department of Sports Development and Recreation to develop the benefits associated with the Sporting Volunteer Recognition Scheme.
  2. Assist the SU Volunteer Centre and all relevant SU staff into creating an SU wide Volunteer Recognition Scheme.
  3. Liaise with SU Sport Club Committees to ensure their volunteers apply for the Sporting Volunteer Recognition Scheme.
  4. Process the applications to the Sporting Volunteer Recognition Scheme on a bi-annual basis.
  5. Produce an annual impact report on the Sporting Volunteer Recognition Scheme.

Web & Publicity Coordinator

  1. Ensures that SU Sport and its events are widely publicised online.
  2. Liaises with Sport Officer and the Recreational Coordinators to update the fixtures and results of the Intramural leagues and tournaments.
  3. Support the maintenance of SU Sport web pages including links to respective Union/University web pages.
  4. Work with Clubs to further individual web pages.
  5. Lead on the production of promotional materials for SU Sport events.
  6. Gather information from the SU Sport Executive Committee to produce a weekly SU Sport Newsletter.

Disability Sport Coordinator

  1. Develop an initial knowledge of the disability sporting landscape through liaising with internal and external bodies.
  2. Work with club committees and DSDR to implement inclusive and disability sport within their regular activity.
  3. Work with the SU Sport Officer on the delivery and review of the Disability Sport Development Plan.
  4. Organise an inclusive and/or disability sport event at least once a semester to raise the profile of disability sport.
  5. Organise a yearly Talent ID event in partnership with British Paralympic Association and other relevant bodies.
  6. Work with club committees to enter disabled athletes in BUCS events.
  7. Meet requirements within SLA (University of Bath – British Wheelchair Basketball)

Welfare & Inclusivity Officer

  1. Lead on campaigns related to welfare and inclusivity within sport.

  2. Work with the Community Officer and Sport Officer to develop and deliver training on Welfare and Inclusivity for committee members

  3.  Assist club welfare and inclusivity officers with club initiatives

  4. Sit ex-officio on the Diversity and Support Exec to liaise on emerging equality and diversity issue.

  5.  Be a neutral reporting point for students in sport clubs who wish to raise concerns about club/student conduct.

  6. Act as an advocate for the Inclusivity Award (or equivalent scheme) and recruit student committees to take part.

SU Sport Officer

Check out my profile on the SU Officers page


  1. Chairs all meetings of the SU Sport Executive Committee.
  2. Works with Sport Officer to ensure the full and efficient functioning of the Executive Committee.
  3. Works with the other SU Sport Executive Committee Members to ensure the smooth running of all areas within SU Sport.
  4. Sits ex-officio on the SU Officer Review Panel.
  5. Acts as Chair of SU Sport Disciplinary Panels when requested by the SU President.
  6. Ensures a high standard of communication is held within the executive group.


  1. Act as a signatory for SU Sport and club expenditure, up to limits set by the SU’s financial procedures (THE SU Regulation 2).
  2. Work with the Sport Officer on the setting, control and authorisation of SU Sport and club budgets.
  3. Check Club spending is in line with agreed income and expenditure including a bi-monthly overview on individual Club’s spending.
  4. In-line with SU finance, check and record finance forms within payment deadlines. Ensure that all forms have been authorised correctly.
  5. Sit ex-officio on the Student Finance Committee.
  6. Chair SU Sport Executive Committee Meetings when SU Sport Executive Committee Chair is unable to do so.

BUCS Coordinator

  1. Communicating BUCS performance targets to clubs and helping them to achieve them
  2. Informing all clubs of the necessary BUCS regulations and up to date information.
  3. Working with the Sport Officer and SU Sport staff to ensure the smooth and efficient running of BUCS
  4. Liaising with clubs to provide direct feedback regarding BUCS

Recreational Coordinator

  1. Work with the Club Development Officers, Sports Captains and Sports Development Coordinators to develop intramural programmes for a selection of sports as determined by the SU Sport Executive Committee and SU Sport.
  2. Work alongside the SU’s Marketing Office and DSDR to publicise the leagues and tournaments.
  3. Organise regular events in various sports throughout year. (minimum of 3 recreational events per semester).
  4. Organise Inter-Halls Championships.
  5. Ensure that the Web and Publicity Coordinator is aware of the events and league programme so that results and details can be publicised appropriately.
  6. Work with SU Sport and DSDR on the delivery of external programmes.

Events Coordinator

  1. Lead the organisation of major events run by SU Sport, primarily Snowball, by working with the Sport Officer, other Executive Committee Members and SU Staff.
  2. Plan event dates to suite the students’ academic year and other events planned within the SU.
  3. Ensure the Snowball events come within budget and makes a minimum profit of £10,000 for SU Sport.
  4. Ensure that all Health and Safety requirements are in place.
  5. Make sure all events run smoothly and safely.
  6. Publicise the events with the help of the SU’s Marketing Office.
  7. Conduct a review of all events with the aim of improving the process the following year.

Open Representative

  1. Lead the organisation of the Varsity and/or Derby events by working with the Sport Officer, the Events Managers, other Executive Committee Members and SU Staff.
  2. Support other Executive Committee Members in their tasks.
  3. Be available to represent the Executive Committee on various committees (eg. Elections Committee).
  4. Lead on any Executive Committee campaigns.
  5. Act as assistant event manager when necessary eg. Snow Ball, BUCS Big Wednesday, Varsity
  6. Mental Health – link sport with community officer
  7. Inclusivity award
  8. Elections – give SU Sport staff help when required
  9. Any other projects as appropriate.