Executive Committee

Meet your elected SU Sport Exec Team

The SU Sport Executive Committee is elected by all club members every year and supports the Officer to make all students' sport experience the best it can be. They are some of the most committed, hard-working and knowledgeable volunteers that The SU has!

Each Exec member has their own remit, from event support for thousands of people (like Snowball and Varsity), to recreational sport and performance strategy.

We have several committee positions still vacant for 2023/24!

Thinking about running? Here's some things you should know! 

  • You get what you put in to any role, if you're committed to driving change and making your views heard - this is the committee for you!
  • Some exec members also hold other committee positions. This doesn't mean you have to, but it is possible!
  • Some members of exec have never been on a committee before, so don't let that put you off!
  • If you have any questions, speak to the Chair or the Sport Officer susport@bath.ac.uk

Check out each exec member below to find out more about their role.

 Sports Officer page here

Chair-Michael Buamah

 Chairs all meetings of the SU Sport Executive Committee.

  1. Works with Sport Officer and SU Sport staff to ensure the full and efficient functioning of the Executive Committee.
  2. Works with the other SU Sport Executive Committee Members to ensure the smooth running of all areas within SU Sport.
  3. Ensures a high standard of communication is held within the executive group.
  4. Delivers committee nights in absence of the Sport Officer.
  5. Assists Sport Officer with tasks related to the functioning of SU Sport (e.g. assisting with general meeting administration). 

Treasurer- Jamie Cubitt & Robert Preston


  1. Is a signatory for SU Sport and club expenditure, up to limits set by The SU.
  2. Checks that club spending is in line with agreed income and expenditure.
  3. Checks and signs off finance forms within payment deadlines.
  4. Ensures that all forms have been authorised correctly.
  5. Authorises payments through Expense365 app.
  6. Chairs SU Sport Executive Committee meetings in absence of the Chair.

Two Treasurers are elected to the Sports Exec committee each year

Media Officer- Vacant

  1. Gathers reports, videos and photos from all sports clubs at all levels of participation.
  2. Produces photo and video promotional material for SU sport events (will be given basic video editing training if required).
  3. Works with marketing officer to design and produce graphics.
  4. Liaises with student media, Exec Marketing officer and SU Marketing to ensure the publication of sporting achievements and events. 
  5. Holds responsibility for the SU Sport Instagram page.

Marketing Officer - Lisa Shaw

  1. Meets with SU sport staff to gather information about relevant SU Sport communications and create weekly marketing timetables.
  2. Promotes university sport via relevant channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email etc) and works to ensure clubs, individuals and volunteers get fair coverage.
  3. Holds responsibility for the SU Sport Instagram page.
  4. Works with student media, Exec Marketing officer and SU Marketing to gather content and publish information, sporting achievements and events.
  5. Ensures that the SU Sport Instagram page is active with content and ‘club takeovers’.

Events Co-ordinator- Kang Guo-Benson

  1. Works with relevant stakeholders to assist with major events run by SU Sport.
  2. Plans event dates to suit the academic year and other events.
  3. Coordinates volunteers and ensures events run smoothly.
  4. Publicises events alongside SU Marketing.
  5. Publicises opportunities for clubs to get involved with ‘Sporting showcase’ and is sport lead.
  6. Reviews all events to improve processes and execution the following year. 

Welfare Officer- Ellie Muir

  1. Leads on campaigns related to mental health and welfare in sport and contacts other university departments who are running campaigns in order to publicise them within SU Sport
  2. Supports club Welfare and Inclusivity officers with initiatives regarding mental health and welfare.
  3. Promotes mental health peer support training to club members.
  4. Attends SU Diversity and Support (D&S) Exec at least once per semester to liaise on emerging issues in mental health and welfare.
  5. Provides a sport link to welfare related societies (Nightline and Student minds)
  6. Provides a place in which W&I officers can interact with each other in order to improve their offering with their clubs by learning from others. 

Inclusion Officer - Vacant

  1. Develops an understanding of the disability sport landscape through liaising with external providers and University/SU-based groups such as Diversity and Support (D&S) groups.
  2. Works with the Community Officer, Sport Officer, D&S groups and Exec Welfare Officer to develop and deliver training on Inclusivity for sports members.
  3. Works with club Welfare and Inclusivity Officers and the University Sports Department to implement inclusive sport within their regular activity.
  4. Organises an inclusive and/or disability sport event and one inclusion in sport campaign at least once per year.
  5. Works with club committees to enter disabled athletes in sports competitions.
  6. Attends SU Diversity and Support Exec regularly to liaise on emerging issues.
  7. Develops awareness of the underrepresented groups in sport and work with relevant stakeholders to improve representation. 

Performance Sport Officer- Liam White

  1. Sits ex-officio on the athlete forum and/or a performance sport-based working group.
  2. Liaises with and represents performance athletes in executive meetings.
  3. Promotes Performance Athletes on social media alongside Marketing Officer.
  4. Helps organise any Talent Identification events.
  5. Encourages increased engagement from the wider student body in BUCS home games and other student sports events.
  6. Sits on Blues Committee.

Volunteer Recognition Co-ordinator - Matthew Houghton

  1. Works with the University Sports Department and SU Club Development Officer to develop the Sports Volunteer Recognition Scheme (VRS)
  2. Liaises with SU Sport club committees to ensure their volunteers apply for the Sports VRS
  3. Publicise and process applications to the Sports VRS alongside SU staff.
  4. Collect applications for Volunteer of the Week, allow Sports Exec to vote and work with Media, Marketing and Sports Officer for Instagram post and rewards.
  5. Produces an annual report on the Sports VRS.
  6. Highlights community and University-based volunteering opportunities to sports clubs.
  7. Promotes successes of sports clubs & individuals in fundraising and/or volunteering.
  8. Supports clubs in their development of volunteers. 

Recreational Co-ordinator - Vacant

  1. Works with SU staff, exec Media and marketing officers and club committees to develop and publicise intramural and recreational programmes.
  2. Organises Inter-Halls Championships, Speed dating for sport and/or other recreational sport events.
  3. Works with SU Sport and University Sports Department on the delivery of external programmes.
  4. Provides support for the Marketing and delivery of the BathActive Programme, working with the Marketing officer, Bath Activators and Staff lead.
  5. Represents the Bath Activators in Exec committee meetings.