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Thank you for planting you vote in the SU Officer Elections

Thank you for planting you vote in the SU Officer Elections

Together we planted over 500 trees and hit all our major milestones!

During SU Officer elections this year we asked you to Plant Your Vote to support local conservation charities.

With 5410 individual voters, we managed to hit all our milestones. The SU has made donations towards:

  • 540 tree saplings and 4 fruit trees to More Trees BANES
  • Adopted 1 badger with Avon Wildlife Trust to protect against Bovine TB
  • Adopted 1 pony with Bath City Farm
  • Enough wildflower seeds to fill a rugby pitch for West Country Buzz, Bumblebee Conservation
  • Adopted Pepper the Whale with Whale and Dolphin Conservation

With COVID restrictions gradually easing we are working to create volunteering opportunities next semester so students can not only plant their vote but plant some trees.

More Trees BANES is a not-for-profit community group, that works hard to grow, plant and protect trees in the local area. They have already planted over 8000 trees which help to slow climate change, improve air quality, reduce pollution, provide habitat for wildlife and reduce flooding

Adam Gretton, founder and chair of More Trees BANES said, “We are so grateful to The SU Bath for championing our cause and supporting us in a myriad of ways.  Student volunteers have been the muscles of our organisation this last year, particularly with the set up and maintenance of Barrow Mead Community Tree Nursery.  We look forward partnering with you more closely and seeing what we can achieve together!” 

Keep an eye out for volunteering opportunities at

You can find out more about the campaign and charities at