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Your Peer Mentor is Here For You!

Your Peer Mentor is Here For You!

Make the most out of your Peer Mentor.

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Peer Mentors are a key part of your university experience. In this blog post, your Peer Support Team explain how they can help you.

One thing we love about university is that it opens the door for conversation about mental health. However, it’s daunting starting your first year, trying to find your way around campus, starting your course and generally feeling overwhelmed.

You are not alone! If you are feeling anxious or homesick, trust us, there are others feeling the same way! Peer mentors support students as they start University life and is a great way to meet new people. Your Peer Mentors are here to help, no matter what issues arise.

Research has shown that Bath students are more likely to turn to their peers than University if they are struggling with their mental health (Be Well survey 2021). That is why all new undergrads and majority of new doctoral students get a mentor in their first year, to give you a helping hand while you settle in and find your feet.

How can Peer Mentors help?

Having a mentor on campus or online can make all the difference and help you feel part of a supportive community where you can talk about experiences affecting your mental health. Peer mentors understand what you’re going through as they’ve been through it before. They:

  • can share their own experiences with you.
  • can be someone to talk to.
  • can signpost you to further support you may need.

What else can I talk to my mentor about?

You don’t just have to talk to your mentor about your mental health. They’re here to help you with a wide range of things during the start of your studies. They can share:

  • Useful tips on the course and studying effectively,
  • Adapting to studying at an undergraduate or doctoral level,
  • How to get involved in University life,
  • Where to go and explore in Bath,
  • How to find additional support.

Find out more about the peer support available to you on the Peer Support website.

Who is my Peer Mentor?

Don’t worry if you’re unsure who your mentor is. Email to help. If your mentor is unavailable, we can also help you find a new mentor.


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