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Celebrating Our Impact: Student Volunteers Making a Difference!

Celebrating Our Impact: Student Volunteers Making a Difference!

Today, we're celebrating the incredible achievements of our student volunteering groups.



Image above: V Nature Volunteers support MoreTreesBANES by planting trees locally
V Code - Volunteers lead on a 'Coding for Girls' day in collabortaion with Mighty Girls for students from a local secondary school

We would like to express a huge thank you to all of the amazing student volunteers we have worked with over this year. You've shown your dedication and commitment to making a difference in the local community. From organizing community clean-ups and charity fundraisers to tutoring and spreading environmental awareness, you've been rockin' it! Your passion, creativity, and determination have brought about positive changes and inspired hundreds of students to get involved.

V Clean take a trip to Weston Super Mare beach to survey litter for Beach Clean data


We wanted to take this moment to appreciate each and every one of you who has given your time to good causes. Your acts of kindness have made a real impact and showcased the power of unity. Together, we've shown that when we come together for a common cause, amazing things happen.

Marrow Volunteers host talk about donating bone marrow with TedX for the Antony Nolan Trust


If you want to dive deeper into all of the brilliant achievements over this semester, check out the linked report below, it's a testament to all of the hard work and the incredible impact our students have had.


(this report covers Semester 2 click to read our Semester 1 Report blog post)