Our Constitution

OW/SB 12/2008


Aims: What does the society hope to achieve?

The aim of the society shall be to provide a safe, friendly and non-pressuring environment for members of all backgrounds of poker to responsibly play, learn and enjoy the game of poker (predominantly No Limit Texas Hold ’Em).

Objectives: What activities will the society undertake, what events will the society plan and what services will the society offer to achieve the aims above?
We aim to play poker games every week, welcoming members of all abilities, and teaching the strategy of the game in the process. This will be a collective effort from all members.
Points will be awarded to players depending on their finishing position in the weekly tournaments. A league table of players will be set up, where the winner at the end of the year will be crowned ‘Team Bluff Champion’ of the year.
Personal development: What opportunities and activities will the society provide for members to participate and develop skills?
Open-door policy to all abilities enables players to learn from each other, benefiting from each other’s own experiences, and gaining their own. This is of particular importance to any [potential] members who have never played poker before joining the society.
How will the society add value to the Students’ Union and maintain a high level of interest from students?
Tournaments will be held on a weekly basis with a running league table. The competition between players will be such that players will not want to miss a session for fear of losing their position in the table.
What are your long term goals for the society, and how do you plan to ensure the society continues successfully?
We hope to get a solid group of core members who will turn up every week wanting to play and improve their game, through the society. Through word of mouth we hope that more and more people will come along, especially people who have not played before. We hope that the environment in which the society is conducted will make it easy for people to turn up, learn and play the game of poker and leave with a smile on their face.
Long term, we hope to establish links with poker societies at other universities across the UK, through which we will be able to hold inter-university competitions for our members.
The committee of the society agrees to abide by the policies and regulations that govern University of Bath Students’ Union (Bath SU) societies, as set out in the Societies Code of Conduct. Should these be broken then the society will have its status and budget frozen until resolved.
The society shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year during Semester 2 where the new society committee shall be elected.

Other General Meetings (GM) may be called by the society committee or by the written request of members of the society.

Property of the society shall remain property of Bath SU. A list of all society equipment shall be kept by the society and updated by the committee as new equipment is acquired. Any loss of equipment should be reported to the VP Activities & Development. The chair has responsibility for all society equipment.