All of our volunteering groups are led by student leaders, you can see the role descriptions for each group below. The volunteering groups are all supported by the Volunteering Team and the Community Officer. If you want to talk about any of these roles email


Volunteering Exec

Volunteering Liaison Officer
The Volunteering Liaison Officer (VLO) Chairs the volunteering Exec and is the glue between the groups.
Follow the link above for the full role description. 

RAG - Raise and Give

V Team

V Team is changing for 2020 and the committee roles have been changed to reflect this. The committee will be more governance for volunteering projects. Freeing up time for them to do more hands on volunteering in the committee.
  • Chairs V Team meetings
  • Oversees all activity
  • Represents V Team Externally and Internally
  • Directs SU Volunteering Staff to what new projects V Team would like
  • Manages Web Pages
  • Keeps V Team records such as meeting minutes
  • Manages V Team email account
  • Room Bookings
  • V Team Social Media
  • Responsible for V Team Finances
  • Support V Team project leaders with budgeting
  • Writes funding applications
  • Authorises payments
Engagement Officer x 2 
  • Lead Volunteer Recruitment with Staff
  • Stash
  • Inclusivity Award
  • Volunteering Socials
  • Links the committee with the project leaders
  • Coordinating presentation on V Team to departments and groups  i.e. Scholars

BUBT - Bath University Boob Team

Bath STAR (Student Action for Refugees)

Events Secretary
Volunteering Lead 
Campaigns Lead 
  • Lead on STAR campaigns
  • Recruit and train volunteers to support campaigns


  • Lead and delegate to committee
  • Be first point of contact for external stakeholders and interested parties
  • Liaise regularly with the team's Enactus UK Programme Coordinator (monthly meetings, 2 annual visits, and other frequent interaction)
  • Ensure regular communication with all stakeholders through the CRE
  • Be responsible for all team activity, ensuring a high level of awareness of activity in all areas
Secretary (VP Operations) 
  • Organising meetings, including booking rooms and distributing agendas
  • Taking minutes at meetings for circulation to all attendees/members
  • Management of file and task organisation
  • Working with the Events Officer on the creation and distribution of a calendar for the term/year
  • General administrative duties
Treasurer (Finance Officer)
  • Manage bank account and budget, keeping team informed on current balance
  • Process payments and invoices
  • Collaborate with CRE and PLs to assist with ITC applications
  • Develop fundraising strategy to generate revenue (inc. considering fundraising activities, commercial projects, grants/funding)
  • Apply for relevent grants/funding for the team, collaborating with PLs to support applications for individual projects
Marketing Executive 
  • Coordinate a variety of social events (including non-drinking events) for members
  • Collaborate with the Marketing & Communications Officer to produce materials to advertise events
  • Collaborate with CRE to organise professional events such as talks and seminars from partners
  • Collaborate with TL and Enactus UK to facilitate training sessions on a variety of topics
HR Executive
  • Develop recruitment strategy that targets a variety of prospective members who will be a good fit with the team
  • Create recruitment plan to ensure successful recruitment for freshers and year round
  • Evaluate engagement and develop retention strategy to keep new and existing members involved team throughout the year
  • Collaborate with Events & Social Officer to create a team calendar with engaging activities throughout the year
  • Coordinate committee elections and handover process, ensuring a handover pack and meeting have been organised to ensure future sustainability of the team
Communications Executive 
  • Manage relationships with the team's support network (inc. corporate partner Business Advisers, University Advisers and Alumni Mentor)
  • Maintain regular contact with Enactus UK Engagement Manager through completion of monthly CRE report and other communication
  • Collaborate with Project Leaders to apply to ITCs and manage business adviser support
  • Coordinate opportunities for advisers/partners to facilitate talks/events for the team


  • Chairs Marrow meetings
  • Oversees all activity
  • Represents Marrow Externally and Internally
  • Works with SU Staff to develop the group
  • Manages Web Pages
Secretary & Donor Recruitment
  • Keeps Marrow records such as meeting minutes
  • Manages Marrow email account
  • Room Bookings
  • Marrow Social Media
  • Leads on Donor recruitmeant campaigns
Treasurer  & Fundraising 
  • Responsible for Marrow Finances
  • Writes funding applications
  • Authorises payments
  • Supports fund-raising 
  • Ensure donations are processed inline with SU guidence