Culture and Conduct

We understand that as University Rugby Club we have a spotlight on us with regards to conduct and behaviour, therefore we know the importance of ensuring that every member of the club stays within the standards that we set ourselves at the club. Please read the following documents to familiarise yourself with our rules and expectiations:

UBRFC Code of Conduct 2023-24

UBRFC Crowd Charter 2023-24

Following a review into behaviour at University Rugby Clubs, BUCS have published the two documents below. Please take the time to read them and understand what is expected of you as a member of the rugby club. 

BUCS Rugby Union Culture and Conduct Letter 2023-24

BUCS Rugby Union Behaviour Charter 



At UBRFC we want all members, including coaches, to complete the Headcase Open Access Course, this provides the basic knowledge required to have an understanding concussion, what it looks like and how it feels. This is vital for player welfare and you can use your knowledge to help yourself, as well as a team mate out. 

If you have been concussed, or know someone that has, please direct them to the following documents:

Headcase Essential Guidance

Headcase Extended Guidance

Headcase Graduated Return to Activity & Sport