Fleet racing

Fresh out of a summer of fleet racing, we have the BUCS Fleet Racing Championships at the beginning of the university year, and are open to many classes of boat. It is the perfect introduction to university events and a great way to see all your sailing mates at other unis. So before giving up fleet racing for the rest of the academic year in favour of team racing, why not give it one last go!

If you have your own boat, we can try and arrange for it to get there so we can get as many boats racing as possible. Contact Éabha (easw20@bath.ac.uk) if you are interested or want to know more. 

The club also has many people who go to events in the RS 200 class over the summer, so if you are coming to Bath, or thinking about applying, come up and have a chat with us! We will be easy to spot by all the stash and the famous Bath jacket.