Team Racing

Team racing is an exciting form of sailing where teams of three boats compete against each other. A boat is awarded points based on the place it finishes the race - for example, a boat that finishes 1st earns 1 point, a boat that finishes 2nd earns 2 points, etc. - and the team with the lowest combined score wins. It is very different to fleet racing, where boats are scored on an individual basis, which many of you will have experienced before. Races are short and the team has to work together to make sure that they win.

One very important thing with team racing is that you know the rules of sailing well. Here is a copy of the ISAF Racing Rules of sailing and the Team Racing call book so you can brush up before giving it a try.

Here is a video of the 2014 BUCS Team racing final so you can see what it looks like !