Welcome to the Bath Anime and Manga Society!

We meet three times a week to watch a wide variety of shows in the lecture halls. We're a friendly bunch and everyone is welcome, so don't be afraid to come along! Check out the screening timetable here.

We host watches of anime with English subtitles every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We showcase a diverse range of anime, ranging from exciting series, emotional anime to thought-provoking shows.

Being a member of the society allows you to partake in numerous socials and events we run! We arrange several restaurant socials during the year, one social to Laser Fusion in Bristol, and we even hold two large quiz events every year! Membership also allows access to our book library, just let a member of the committee know if you would like to borrow a book.

Reasons to join us

  • Unlimited access to regular screenings!
  • Access to our book library!
  • Biannual quizzes!
  • Games days and weekly Anime Music Quiz sessions!
  • Restaurant and laser tag socials!
  • Post-exam marathons!

Come and meet us

All (unless otherwise stated) screenings start at 19:30 at 8W 1.1. We recommend arriving around 19:00 so that you aren't late for the show!

Announcements and information for upcoming socials will be posted on the society's Facebook group, Instagram, the Discord server and the Social Sign-up page.

Meet the committee

Adam Doubrava (chair)
Will Botting (treasurer)
Hi, I'm Adam, final year Chemical Engineering student and the chair of the society for this year. My favourite genre is anything happy and wholesome, can't watch or read depressing anime or manga or light novels. My favourite anime is probably FMA Brotherhood, manga/webtoon is Tower of God and novel Lord of the Mysteries. I enjoy strategic computer games, though I have recently gotten into JRPGs and the like.
Hi, I’m Will, I’m a second year Maths and Physics student and I’m also the treasurer for the committee. I have an obsession with looping anime such as Re:Zero, Steins;Gate and Summertime Rendering. I’m also waiting for the second season of 86 that will never come. As for hobbies outside of anime, I love hiking and travelling in general.
Tom Richardson
Dan Thompson
Hi, I'm Tom and I'm a second-year maths student. I mostly like to read seinen and shonen and some of my favourite series include Berserk, Legend of the Galactic Heroes and One Piece. I also play a lot of games, especially jrpgs and metroidvanias, and am a big fan of Xenoblade Chronicles, Megaten, Zelda and Metroid.
Hi, I’m Dan. I’ve just finished my maths degree and am now studying for a masters in Maths and Data science. I’m obsessed with Hunter X Hunter and Haikyuu and you will find me ranting about them very often, but when I’m not doing that I might be writing something that I’ll never finish.
Harry Turton
Josh Woodbridge
I'm Harry, a second-year Computer Science student. I'm a big fan of anime and manga, and my favourite genre is Isekai. Among anime series, RWBY has a special place in my heart, and when it comes to manga, "All You Need is Kill" has left a lasting impression on me. I also enjoy diving into computer games like Factorio, Minecraft, and Space Engineers. Apart from that, my biggest obsession is Dungeons & Dragons. If anyone shares an interest or has questions about D&D, feel free to ask. Excited to be part of the committee and connect with fellow Isekai, gaming enthusiasts. (This post was written by chatGPT)
I'm Josh Woodbridge, second year maths student and Bayu's superior. Resident Re:ZERO lover and Grand Blue connoisseur.
Bayu Patten
Bill Chaudhry
Hi I'm Bayu, Josh's superior, and I like shounen. Kengan Ashura and Food Wars are my choice drugs.
I'm Bill, a second year Natural sciences. I tell people I'm into manga like Houseki no Kuni, Pandora Hearts, and Blame but am also not above enjoying trashy isekai and have much lower standards for what I enjoy than I like to pretend.

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