2 Films

2+ Hours of Anime

Every Week

Tuesday & Wednesday—Films
(or anything we can get away with calling sci-fi or fantasy)

Friday—Anime (6-7 episodes)  


One-Off Membership Fee:

    Unlimited access to screenings

    Biannual quizzes

    Regular restaurant and laser tag socials

    Post exam marathons








Screenings start at

7:15pm in 8W 1.1



Chair – Rory Napier

Rory is a second year Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering student and, as Chair, his job is to make sure the society doesn’t do anything that would result in it getting shut down. He is a huge Warhammer Age of Sigmar and 40K player with a substantial collection and has just started reading the Horus Heresy. Whilst you can expect him to be watching all of the ‘Isekai trash’ from the current anime season, he also enjoys a bit of gaming on the side (engaging him in conversation about World of Warships opens up a rabbit hole you won’t be able to escape from).


Treasurer – George Burkinshaw

George is a second year Mechanical Engineering student and undisputed winner, awarding body and sponsor of the George Award for Fabulous Hair (GAFH). On the rare occasion that he isn’t scrolling through twitter or reddit he enjoys a plethora of activities that require as little effort as possible. Such interests include watching films, tv series, anime and whatever RWBY counts as, and reading various manga, his current favourite being senryu girl. He is also filthy casual gamer and plays primarily strategy and Nintendo games.


Secretary – Angus Graham

Angus is a second year Physics student whose main interest is in anime but will watch just about any of the films other shown at screenings. He enjoys most things Nintendo, being tested on Pokémon trivia, and having free time, although this last one clashes with his unhealthy obsession with watching almost every anime that’s airing each season. In particular, the Emperor’s New Groove and the Monogatari series hold a special place in his heart. He can be found worrying about how his hair looks and playing games at four in the morning.


Social Secretary – Seher Singh

Seher is a second year Psychology student. Her job is planning socials and making sure that everyone in the society is having fun. She is a die-hard Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, but also enjoys movies with good storylines. Before joining the society her anime choices were restricted to Detective Conan and some obscure anime, but now she is slowly stocking up on her anime knowledge, her recent favourites being Golden Kamuy and One Punch Man (I know I got a long way to go!). Outside of the society, she enjoys cooking, reading, and having fun with her friends.


IT Officer – Tomás McMahon

Tomás is a second year Mechanical Engineering student, as well as a die-hard undercut and dyed hair advocate. He loves anime that no one has ever heard of (X’amd: Lost Memories, anyone?), the warlock class for D&D which is actually really under appreciated by most players, bands that no one has ever heard of (Oh Hiroshima, anyone?), and the lumberjack-hipster-punk aesthetic. Eventually, he’ll get around to writing a sci-fi novel...probably, but in the mean time he appreciates compliments on his beard and the Hasbro stock market price.


Publicity Rep – Parmida Shoaei

Parmida is a second year Mechanical Engineering student who loves K-pop, manga, anime, and books! All the time she spends on her phone is put to good use as the publicity rep and expect her to be very active on the society’s Facebook and Tumblr blog. She doesn’t like Shrek but loves Marvel movies and is obsessed with anime such as Ouran Highschool Host Club and Tokyo Mew Mew. The go-to member of committee for makeup and nail painting.


Welfare and Inclusivity Officer – Kieran Maharaj

Kieran is a second year student of computer science & maths. He really likes to ramble and holds several other interests such as the Foundation series, Bungou Stray Dogs, Bakuman and Mob Psycho 100 on the side. He can be found reading, listening to podcasts, or drinking hot chocolate.

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