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The members of the Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Anime Society meet three times a week to take advantage of the huge screens in lecture halls to watch awesome films, TV series and anime! Though that's not all we are - we hold many social events and trips throughout the year and are up to date will all sorts of geeky news! So if you are looking to enjoy the next Marvel film in nice company or are trying to find someone to discuss the last episode of Naruto with- then Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Anime is the society for you!

We're not all about aliens, spaceships and trolls (though there's a little bit of that, too). What you get with Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Anime is a real mixture – introspective artsy stuff, explosive action and special effects, hilarious comedy, stunning international films and more – we've got something for everyone!

Your membership fee covers all the screenings we show and you're free to come to as few or as many as you like.

Additionally, we accept suggestions for what we screen during semester 2, so if you want to encourage us to screen something you like or want to watch, make sure to join!


These are the films that everyone's heard of. There are a bunch of nostalgic childhood favourites, all-time greats, and cult classics we think you'll love. After cherry-picking these films from a VERY long list, we think you'll like what we have to offer.


We expect you'll know most of these – they were the summer and Christmas blockbusters of the last few years. Expect famous names, big budgets, and a few gems that should have been more noticed than they were.


Screenings are shown in Japanese with English subtitles, and expect everything from wistful fantasy to giant robots of death to dark dystopic futures. A third to a half of a series is shown per night - about 6-9 episodes of 20 minutes duration makes for quite a long evening and we often finish around 11:00pm so come prepared with snacks! (There is a short 15 minute break in the middle.)

Location8W 1.1

Our screenings are held in 8W 1.1 at 7:15pm, except for special occasions like our biannual quiz. See our calendar for additional details.


Sci-Fi is a very active society and there is much going on besides screenings. Keep your eyes peeled for events such as the bi-annual quiz (with prizes!), trips to Laser Fusion in Bristol, marathons, and restaurant outings, sometimes organised with other societies from University of Bath as well as Bath Spa University. To find out more about the socials that we've done before, check out our Past Socials page.

Reasons to Join Us

  • Three weekly screenings!
  • Shown on a big HD projector using a great sound system!
  • Two epic Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Anime quizzes a year!
  • Regular socials and chance to meet other likeminded people!
  • Games events with a large variety of board and video games!
  • Custom society T-shirts and hoodies!
  • Get to know the wise and charming committee!
  • All for less than the price of a one cinema ticket!



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