For the forseeable future we will be holding virtual screenings in lieu of our in-person screenings. Join our Discord for more information.


Welcome to the Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Anime society!

We meet three times a week to watch a wide variety of shows in the lecture halls. We're a friendly bunch and everyone is welcome, so don't be afraid to come along! Check out the screening timetable here.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we watch different kinds of films, ranging from sci-fi to fantasy, and older movies to newer movies!or anything we can get away with calling sci-fi or fantasy.

On Fridays, we host watches of anime with English subtitles. We showcase a diverse range of anime, ranging from exciting series, emotional anime to thought-provoking shows.

Being a member of the society allows you to partake in numerous socials and events we run! We arrange several restaurant socials during the year, one social to Laser Fusion in Bristol, and we even hold two large quiz events every year! Membership also allows access to our book library, just let a member of the committee know if you would like to borrow a book.


Reasons to join us

  • Unlimited access to regular screenings!
  • Access to our book library!
  • Biannual quizzes!
  • Restaurant and laser tag socials!
  • Post-exam marathons!

Come and meet us

All (unless otherwise stated) screenings start at 19:15 at 8W 1.1. We screen contemporary and classic films on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and anime on Fridays.

Announcements and information for upcoming socials will be posted on the society's Facebook page, the Discord and the Social Sign-up page.

Meet the committee

CHAIR Rory Napier

Rory is a third year Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering student and, as Chair, his job is to make sure the society doesn’t do anything that would result in it getting shut down. He is distinguishable by his habit of wearing almost all green and is a huge Warhammer Age of Sigmar and 40K player with a substantial collection. Whilst you can expect him to be watching a decent amount of the seasonal anime he also enjoys a bit of gaming on the side in the form of world of warships and rocket league.


TREASURER Angus Graham

Angus is a third year Physics student whose main interest is in anime but will watch just about any of the films shown at the other screenings. He enjoys most things Nintendo, being tested on Pokémon trivia, and having free time, although this last one clashes with his unhealthy obsession with watching almost every anime that’s airing each season. His knee jerk pick for favourite anime is the Monogatari Series and his favourite movie is The Emperor’s New Groove. He can be found worrying about how his hair looks and playing games at four in the morning.



Rhys, pulling double duty this year as Secretary and Publicity Rep, is a third year Civil Engineering student. It's his job to keep committee running smoothly and advertise screenings (keep an eye out for his newsletters). A big fan of online horror sci-fi like The Magnus Archives and the SCP wiki, you can also find him catching up on last year's seasonal anime.



Seher is a third year psychology student. Her job is planning socials (whatever that means with COVID and restrictions) and making sure that everyone in the society is having fun. She is a die-hard Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, but generally enjoys any movie with a good storyline. Before joining the society her anime choices were restricted to Detective Conan and some obscure anime, but now she she can be found stocking up on all the good seasonals and catching up with old but great anime. Outside of the society, she enjoys cooking, reading and having fun with her friends.


IT OFFICER Dylan Drescher

Dylan is a second-year Computer Science student. He helps out with the technology side of the society. His main interests are computers, board games, anime and he loves all things rhythm games and roguelikes. You'll probably see him playing games, commonly of the rhythm/roguelike variety, listening to criminally underrated artists (t+pazolite, Camellia, USAO, too many to put here!), playing tabletop games or programming.



Francisco is a second year Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering student and deemed not to be trustworthy when it comes to games like Werewolf or Secret [Redacted]. He is a huge Marvel fan and fancies himself a bit of a Fire Emblem connoisseur. In terms of anime his favourite is Attack on Titan, but he enjoys just about anything with a little action. Lastly, he is foreign and as such does not understand why he must talk about himself in the third person.

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