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What We Do

We aim to provide fun, affordable and friendly opportunities for members to shoot clay pigeon disciplines, regardless of ability or experience.  Our club is always open to new members, and is able to provide all the tuition and equipment that you will need to start shooting.

What is clay pigeon shooting?

Clay pigeon shooting is the art of shooting specially made flying targets, lauched from an automated trap at various angles and trajectories, with a shotgun.  Shotguns are smooth-bore guns, firing cartridges containing many small lead pellets.  The spread of these pellets allow the shooter to hit the moving targets.

The discipline we most commonly shoot is called 'English Sporting'.  In this discipline targets are designed to simulate animals such as rabbit, teal, duck, pigeon and pheasant.  The limitless variety of target presentations maintains the challenge of this precision sport.

What can the club offer?

The club practices on a weekly basis at a variety of local shooting grounds - typically on Wednesday or Saturday afternoons. We provide transport to these venues, the cost of which is included in the annual £30 membership.

The club owns 9 shotguns in both 12 and 20 gauge for the use of club members, and provides cartridges at cost price.  Experienced members provide coaching and supervision to new members to ensure a safe, enjoyable and rewarding introduction to the sport.  If required, we are also able to book expert tuition at discounted prices for members looking to enhance their scores and consistency.

As a BUCS sport we attend a national inter-university competition each year.  This weekend away offers both a high quality 100 bird shoot, and the opportunity to socialise with members of other shooting clubs.  Entry is open to all of our members regardless of experience or ability, and is a fantastic experience.  We also compete in a number of local 'friendly' shoots with other universities throughout the year.

Who can Join?

We can only allow students and staff of the University of Bath to join the club (this includes postgraduates), as to buy membership you need a University of Bath ID and login. This is university policy and we can not make exceptions for insurance reasons, sorry!

Reasons to Join Us

  • We are able to provide novices with equipment, coaching and new friends
  • Fun and enjoyable recreational shooting with other likeminded members
  • Practice at a variety of shooting grounds to cater for novice and experienced shots alike, all at affordable prices
  • Annual competitions & weekends away shooting against other universities

Upcoming Events

All upcoming shoots will be advertised on our signups page so make sure you SIGN UP - we cannot take people who have not signed up as we may not have space in the cars.

All shoots will also be advertised on our Facebook page, so look out for updates here as well.




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