About the sport

Clay Pigeon Shooting is the art of shooting targets made from clay discs that are launched from automatic traps at a variety of different angles and trajectories. A shotgun is used by the shooter to precisely break the clay. 

The sport has a number of disciplines, however the one that the club mainly shoots is English Sporting. This offers a wide range of targets which imitate animals such as rabbit, teal and driven phesant.

About the club

We visit a variety of grounds in order to cater for both beginners and experienced shots alike.  As a member of the University Club you will benefit from free transport and ammunition at wholesale prices.  We are also able to point you in the right direction if you are interested in professional tuition and are often able to get a discounted rate.

The club owns nine shotguns in both 12 and 20 gauge for the use of club members, and provides cartridges at cost price.  Experienced members provide coaching and supervision to new members to ensure a safe, enjoyable and rewarding introduction to the sport.  If required, we are also able to book expert tuition at discounted prices for members looking to enhance their scores and consistency.

As a BUCS sport we attend a national inter-university competition each year.  This weekend away offers both a high quality 100 bird shoot, and the opportunity to socialise with members of other shooting clubs.  Entry is open to all of our members regardless of experience or ability, and is a fantastic experience.  We also compete in a number of local 'friendly' shoots with other universities throughout the year.

Club constitution

Equipment and storage

The club owns nine shotguns that are available for members that do not have guns with them at university to use. These are mostly Berettas and Brownings. Five of our guns are 12-bore, four are 20-bore (lighter and less recoil).

If you have your own gun and would like to store it on campus, we have space available in our club cabinets. Please contact us by email to arrange storage.


We take the safety of our club members very seriously.  Although clay pigeon shooting as a very safe sport, there are some risks when handling shotguns.  The cooperation of our members is essential to ensure our trips are safe and enjoyable for all.  Below are copies of our risk assessments and shooting code of practice:

Risk assessment 2018/19

Shotgun safety policy 2018/19

Eye and hearing protection is provided for all members.