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Welcome! This is the homepage of the University of Bath's Catholic Society (CathSoc).


We are a friendly group of students who share the Catholic faith and like to meet regularly to have a meal together, to participate to faith-related events or just to socialise :)


CathSoc is a vibrant society open to everyone, whether you're Catholic or not, whether you are an undergrad or PhD student, you're very welcome to join us! :)


Some of the things we did over the past year include:
- Cultural food nights!

- Faith retreats organised by Bath University Catholic Chaplaincy.

- Debates on themes such as abortion...

- We played games together, watched movies, organised trips, and did much more (check out our gallery)!



Catholic Chaplaincy Services


If you're not thinking to join CathSoc but you are interested in Chaplaincy services (such as Holy Mass, Confession etc), please do not hesitate to keep in touch with Father Bill O.S.M. (the University Catholic Chaplain. See contacts below). He is very friendly and always happy to be contacted personally for any question/issue you might have.


Holy Mass on Campus, celebrated by Father Bill O.S.M. is at 12:30pm during term time in the ECC.



Information & Contacts


CathSoc News and Event Announcements on Facebook:


University Catholic Chaplaincy News and Event Announcements on Facebook:


University Catholic Chaplaincy Website:


CathSoc email:

University Catholic Chaplain email:


CathSoc Membership


CathSoc membership is not compulsory to enjoy our events. You can still participate to all of them, however, your membership will help us to fund our events (for example, food nights etc.) and also help us fulfil our requirements as a Students' Union society.


As a member you get discounts whenever a payment is required for special events, moreover you get a chance to buy a CathSoc hoodie (ask the committee for this). Membership is only £5 and you'll get your money back soon!


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CathSoc & Chaplaincy Events

Weekly Catholic Chaplaincy Services (during term time):



Holy Mass - Every Sunday at 12:30pm in the ECC


Lectio Divina - Every Monday (as announced) at 18:15 in the ECC. Come and find out what it is all about!


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament - Every Thursday (as announced) at 18:00 in the ECC


Rosary for Peace - Every Friday (as announced) at 13:20 in the ECC




Weekly CathSoc Events (during term time):


Meeting Night! - Every Thursday (as announced) at 18:30 either in the ECC or the CCC - These might be discussions about faith or themes of interest or social events (like film nights, quizzes, games...) with food afterwards!


For current news and events check out our public Facebook page. If you would like to receive updates by email please let us know (see contacts above). 


CaSSU 2016 Autumn Retreat
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CathSoc Volleyball 2015-2016
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Christmas Dinner 2015
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Flame 2017 at London Wembley Arena
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Chinese New Year Night 2017
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Trip to Paris (2017)
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Swansea CaSSU Retreat 2017
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French Night (2017)
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Irish Night 2017
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CathSoc Retreat - Nympsfield, November 2016
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Glowing Minigolf - November 2016
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Updated Tue 29 Nov 2016
Italian Pasta Night 2016
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Updated Fri 02 Dec 2016

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