What We Do

We are the only Society at the University of Bath dedicated to space. Whether you’re into space engineering, planetary science, or just enjoy looking up at the stars, we have something for you. Throughout the year, our collection of projects and events will give you a huge range of ways you can get involved and meet other students interested in space. 

We’re planning interesting talks for this year too – make sure to keep an eye on the SpaceSoc Facebook group and page for all the latest updates. 

We’ll be running film and launch nights for when you just want to relax and there’ll be meetups in the SU and on our discord server too, where you can chat with us about SpaceX developments, asteroid landings and more! 

Things to Look Forward to...

  • Fresher’s Week Events- including movie night with Bath Film Soc, stargazing and BBQ event, socialising events with some debating and a space-themed pub crawl! 
  • World Space Week 2022 Events- look forward to workshops on how to use a telescope, talks by professors from the university 
  • Kerbal Space League 2022- fortnightly posted challenges that you can discuss on our discord server  
  • Annual UKSEDS’ National Lunar Rover Competition (to be announced in Oct) 
  • Monthly Stargazing events 
  • Women in Space nights 
  • Networking events 
  • And much, much more! 


Science or Science Fiction Debate
29th September 7pm - 9pm
Level 3 of the SU
Get ready to read up on some futuristic inventions and discuss whether you think they’ll become a reality in the future. Join us at the SU for a drink (there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options) and meet other Space enthusiasts ??
Kerbal League Launch Event
30th September 6pm - 8pm
Online Via Discord
Join SpaceSoc as we begin our adventure beyond planet Kerbin! We will announce the first Kerbal League challenge, stream KSP and play Spaceflight Simulator!
Stargazing and Telescope Workshop
4th October 7pm - 9pm
Meeting outside the SU
Have a go at finding celestial objects with our two telescopes!
Give it a go | Free
Space Lecture with Dr Blondel
5th October 3:15pm - 4:05pm
Planetary exploration – From Earth, from space and on the spot by Dr Phillipe Blondel
Stargazing and Hot Chocolate
9th October 7pm - 9pm
Meeting outside the SU
Join SpaceSoc for the first of our monthly Stargazing activities!
SpaceSoc Pub Social
10th October 9pm - 11:59pm
Join us for drinks at Revolutions in Bath City Centre! The theme is: Space (as it is Space Week of course) so get your space on!

Reasons to Join Our Rover Team

We have been competing in the UKSEDS’ national Lunar Rover Competition for 3 years. We become the UKSEDS Olympus Rover Trials 2019 champions, showing that Bath has what it takes to go up against the very best universities in the country. We’ll be taking part again in the next competition and aiming for the win, so make sure to join the Team Bath Roving Facebook group to get involved. We take students of any age and discipline and there’s bound to be some way you can help. 



General Committee Member


Stargazing and Astronomy Secretary