What We Do

SpaceSoc are a group for space-minded folk, whether you enjoy stargazing, building rovers, playing space simulation games or just talking about space! We run regular stargazing socials and the Kerbal Space League. We also run more sporadic socials such as space lectures and the occasional pub trip! We're also a registered branch of UKSEDS, the UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. Read on to learn more about the areas of our society...

Kerbal Space League

Hosted in SpaceSoc's discord server, the Kerbal League consists of bi-weekly challenges in the spacecraft construction game, Kerbal Space Program. Points are awarded based on performance in the challenges and at the end of the year the winner is announced! We also arrange collabs with the video game society and have been looking into other space-related games.


Whether you want to unwind with your friends with a hot chocolate under a starry sky, or hunt for deep space objects- stargazing is for you! Every month we will run stargazing events, where we will observe the moon, planets, nebulae, clusters and more... With collaborations with Bath Astronomers hopefully starting this year, we will get access to bigger telescopes and more expertise! Clear skies!

Things to Look Forward to

A group of people using a telescope to observe a solar eclipse. A man in orange is creating a projection through the telescope, and various others are standing aroundA group of people sitting round a table in a pub, they all look happy. There are lots of drinks on the tableA group of people standing in front of some whiteboards. There are four guest speakers and a number of studentsFour people standing outside at night. The leftmost man is grinning with his thumbs up, and the other three people are drinking hot chocolate

  • Celebrating World Space Week
  • Monthly stargazing socials (with hot chocolate!)
  • Become the Kerbal League champion
  • Guest lectures and talks
  • A variety of other events and collaborations with other groups!

Where to Find us

You can find more about us, our socials and events on our Instagram, Facebook or Discord! You can email us at su-spacesoc@bath.ac.uk if you have any questions.




Kerbal Space League Lead

Team Bath Roving Project Lead

Stargazing and Astronomy Secretary

Team Bath Roving Administrative Lead

Social Media Manager