Where does your money go?

Ever wondered where the money made from Summer Ball tickets goes? Transparency is important, particularly when it comes to money. Summer Ball is one of the biggest events of the Academic year, and there are a whole range of different ways that ticket prices contribute to the overall budget. Take a quick read of the table and pie chart below to find out what your money actually goes on. 

NB: As Summer Ball is an entire event, and not just a concert, budget is allocated so that there is variety of different forms of entertainment on offer that suit everyone. This includes the live music acts, fairground rides, casino, Acoustic bar and other activities on the day. In 2015, The SU made the decision to not spend more than £15,000 on a main act in order to keep ticket prices low. Larger acts can be anything upwards of £30,000. As The SU is a not-for-profit organisation, any profit made from Summer Ball goes back into supporting The SU and Student-led initiatives.



Total cost (all tickets)

Cost per ticket

Main Act  6.91  £ 13,000.00  £3.25
Additional Acts & Entertainment plus riders (including rides, casino etc) 22.76  £42,771.51  £10.70
Staffing (security, management, first aid)  12.98  £24,394.25  £6.10
Venue hire  2.29  £4,304.00  £1.08
Cleaning  0.98  £1,840.00  £0.46
Production (stages, sports hall floor, marquees, bars etc)   42.21  £79,356.46  £19.84
Insurance 1.20  £2,257.86  £0.56
Travel (Extra buses)  0.53  £1,000.00  £0.25
Printing (Wristbands, signage, vouchers etc) 1.40  £2,635.05  £0.66
Staff welfare (food, refreshments) 1.26  £2,366.25  £0.59
Accommodation  0.21  £400.00  £0.10
VAT on tickets 3.99  £7,500.00  £1.88
Free drink on entry 1.44  £2,700.00  £0.68
Contingency, damages & profit 1.85  £3,474.62  £0.87
Total 100.00  £188,000.00  £47.00