Fritz Ho

Postgraduate Officer (He/him)

Hi, I’m Fritz, your SU Postgraduate Officer for 2020/21. My role is to offer all postgraduate students, from Postgraduate Taught to Research, an enjoyable and meaningful life at this university. I also ensure the voices of smaller communities among the postgraduate population be heard and brought up at all levels of the university.

Along with my PhD study in Pharmacy and Pharmacology, I get involved in The SU included being an academic representative and the Doctoral Chair of Postgraduate Association. I really enjoyed being engaged in the improvement of student welfare and educational support, because helping others is helping myself and makes a better study environment.

The university is not only a place to impart knowledge, but also a community that you and I building relationships. Through this community lives, we learn to live with, to experience, and to solve problems and difficulties. Here, The SU is the community for us to develop our social capacity and social competence. Please feel free to email and have a chat with me for any concerns and difficulties during your time at Bath, and we will resolve those issues together!