Siddharth Singh

Postgraduate Officer (He/him)

Hello everyone, I’m Siddharth but you can call me Sid!! I am your postgraduate officer for this year and my job is to create and ensure an enriching student experience for all the postgraduate students (both PGTs and PGRs).

Now for a quick introduction, I am form India and I have done my undergraduate degree in Computer Science. This was my first time coming to the UK(which was a very daring task in itself for me) similar to many postgraduate students to get a Master’s degree. To elaborate more on this, currently I am doing MSc in Management with Marketing at Bath from which I have learned a lot. My experience at the university has been really been unique this year as it was a blend of virtual and in person events. Throughout my year at the university, I have been part of the student community on many levels. I have acted as a Hall Rep for Thornbank Gardens, a member of PGT Exec committee and a member of Societies Exec committee among other things.

My first interaction with the SU was through the societies which are important part of the SU. Getting involved with some of the societies such as Badminton Society, Wine Society etc. helped me to become a part of the student community. Other than SU, I like playing badminton, basketball, going to the gym etc. I also like to read fantasy novels in my free time(massive fan of Patrick Rothfuss, thew Percy Jackson and Brandon Sanderson). I like trying new things as well so if you have any crazy ideas then pass them to me.

Finally, I would like to say that I am very excited to be a part of the SU as an officer and hopefully I would be able to make some sid-nificant changes. So if you would like to discuss any issues related to postgraduate students whether you are a PGT or a PGR, feel free to reach out to me on my email or on my other social media handles. Even if you are not a postgraduate student, don’t hesitate in reaching out to me.

My Manifesto