Francesco Masala

SU President

Hey there! I'm Franci (pronounce ‘Franchi’), and I’m your SU President, after having spent a year as the SU Activities Officer. In my time in Bath, I was a Politics and International Relations Student. I am Italian through and through and I have come to the UK in 2014 (cue horrid language mistakes I still make, six years after). 

My time in Bath has been deeply shaped by the SU in a number of ways. I volunteered and worked and joined student groups and spent ungodly amounts of hours sat in a booth in the Plug, drinking coffee and feeling grateful to have the space to meet people and make lasting friendships. 

Hadn’t it been for the Student Theatre society, I probably wouldn’t be where I am now, as it gave me the chance to follow my passion and meet people with the same drive as I did. The SU gave me the chance to be part of a community, and I have relished the opportunity to get more involved ever since. My past year as Activities Officer has been incredible and I’m so excited for the year ahead.

I cannot wait to work with you all this year to make sure your voice is heard and that every student has access to a quality student experience in light of Covid. I am particularly passionate about environmental campaigning, LGBT+ and WP advocacy, and I’m keen to advance those issues throughout this year.