Alexander Robinson

SU President (He/him)

Hi, I’m Alexander, your Union President for 2022-23.
I’m excited to represent your interests and amplify the collective student voice across the University.

My SU experience began with a (very) short stint at the Rowing Club, although I quickly found my calling in URB, our campus radio station. Since then, I've had several roles across Halls, my course, CSSU, as a committee member and most recently as Media Officer. I also joined the SU's Board of Trustees as an Independent Trustee in 2019 and have enjoyed overseeing and scrutinising the Union's governance and strategies across the years.

I've just finished my final year as a Civil Engineering undergraduate, having spent placement year across Bristol and Bavaria. I learnt a great deal about managing people, planning and the importance of living life spontaneously. I love to take on a challenge.

I have a keen interest in the Built Environment - a big fan of our brutalist campus but blown away by the beauty of our City.

We’re in a period where prices are rising, wages are stagnating, and students are feeling the pinch. It’s my aim in office to help wherever possible and find ways to reduce the impact that students at Bath feel day-to-day.

If you have any ideas please do get in touch – I would love to hear from you and spark new ideas into action.

My Manifesto