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Who are we and what do we do

Hello hello hello,

This is what you’ve been looking for. You’ve found it. You should be proud. You might have not been looking for it. You might have? But now you’ve found it, you’ll be happy. And so will we, so welcome. 

What have you found? 

You’ve found:

  • Friends for life*
  • Friends for a minute*
  • The beach (no Di Caprio)
  • Surfing
  • Not surfing
  • 3 UK weekend trips (might be a day trip, boooo covid)
  • 2 international week long trips (morocco, fuerteventura, france, spain)
  • #1 surf club quiz team in the country 
  • Wanna be disco dancers
  • Actual disco dancers*
  • Music lovers
  • Music nerds
  • Touch rugby participants 
  • The Bell
  • Your family*
  • A lover?*
  • A fighter?*
  • A barrel*
  • An alternative understanding of the British university experience*
  • Kookslam
  • Perudo
  • Yoga
  • Non-musical cheese
  • Someone with a cool surfing story
  • Many people that have never touched a surfboard before 
  • Best of all: You’ve found yourself in the best university surf club in Bath having a bloody lovely time surfing and socialising

* not even close to guaranteeing these 

Everyone is super friendly and complete beginners make up a good portion of the club, so get in touch – all the action is on our facebook group!!!!

Come check in on us and check us out. We’ll have socials, trips and an excellent virtual offer like the good sports club we are <3

Big love,

Surf club x

Reasons to join surf club

  • Sustainable merch?
  • Domestic trips (w/ excellent home cooking)
  • International trips (mixed reviewed home cooking)
  • Very lovely people. You meet a lovely person on campus and they tell you they are not part of bath surf, then you better send them our way or reassess their loveliness 


Come and meet us

We will be at the virtual freshers sports fair events so please come and have a chat with us!!!! You can also message any of our committee members if you have any questions, join our Facebook group to find out when our first social is, follow our insta and give us a DM or send us a nice postcard

Our Committee

look at our pictures, how cool are we?

Head Chef

Merchandise and Kit Secretary

Social Secretary


Trip Organiser

Water Safety and Progression Officer

Welfare, Inclusivity and Sustainability Officer