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Fancy a trip someplace nice????


The surf club runs several weekend trips a year to the best surf spots in the UK, giving our members a chance to ride some waves, cook a nice meal, explore some new places, have a good ol boogie, read your book, kick back n relax, and basically have a sick time together. Already we have Newquay planned for October so make sure you join our facebook page so you don't miss out!  

While the UK has some really cool places to surf, every now and then its nice to go further afield. So after winter exams are over and there’s a week off uni we offer the chance to escape the cold and surf somewhere warm for a week (we've been to Morocco, Fuerteventura and may go to Lanzarote this year). This is a sweeeeet time to go because all of the stress of january exams are over and you can have a whole week of beach chillin, surfing, and having fun. These trips are also a reallllly good way of getting to know everyone in the club, so don't worry if you wanna come but don't know anyone else going - just come!!!! At the end of the year we like to celebrate another year of uni with our summer trip somewhere hot for another week of surfy good times, we've been to france and spain, and we're currently looking at going to Portugual! Both of these trips offer chances to take a full week of surf lessons making it the perfect opportunity to start surfing too. 

What more could you want???????????