Carved pumpkins with 'VegSoc' carved into rightmost pumpkin.

What We Do

We are a society of people who enjoy getting together to try out new vegetarian recipes, share cooking skills and meet new people over a bowl of hot food. 

Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, eat meat or are gluten free, you're welcome to join us every Wednesday for delicious veggie food and there'll be something for you.

(Whilst we cannot run our weekly meal in the present circumstances, we still have plenty of events planned for everyone to get involved in! Check on the Events and Signups page or head over to our Facebook page to find out more.)

We meet every Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm in the University Chaplaincy, and food is usually ready around 6pm. We meet during the teaching weeks of term and cook a meal each week! That's 22 meals throughout the year! For just £5! That's about 22p per meal!

Other than our regular meeting we also have socials, film nights and meals out in town, so like our page and join the Facebook group  to keep up to date! Also, be sure to connect with us on instagram @vegsocbath where you can get live updates of what's cooking and recipe inspirations.

We also have a Recipe Blog where we post the recipe for the meals we cook each week so check this out (in the Weekly Meal section) for some great meal ideas.

Reasons to Join Us

Is (basically) FREE FOOD every week not enough to convince you? 

VegSoc is for anyone who:

  1. Likes a night off cooking each week
  2. Likes to meet new people, listen to music, play some games and get inspired by new recipes.

We also have socials, film nights and meals out in town - we've got some great suggestions for local vegetarian restaurants and cafes (see Veggie Places in Bath).

Come and Meet Us

Everyone's welcome! Come pop in any time between 5pm and 7pm on a Wednesday to try the food and meet new people - feel free to bring friends!

Everyone can come for a free session to give it a go, but we do ask that you buy membership if you come regularly.



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