Carved pumpkins with 'VegSoc' carved into rightmost pumpkin.

What We Do

Hi! We are a society of people who enjoy getting together to try out new vegetarian and vegan recipes, share cooking skills and meet new people over a bowl of hot food. 

Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, eat meat or have any other dietary requirements, you're welcome to join us!

We meet every Wednesday between 6pm and 9pm in Dartmouth Avenue (BA2 1AS), and food is usually ready around 7pm. We meet during the teaching weeks of term and cook a meal each week!

Join our WhatsApp chat to get regular updates on our events:

We also have socials, film nights and meals out in town. Be sure to follow our Instagram @vegsocbath where you can get live updates of what's cooking and recipe inspiration.

We also have a Recipe Blog where we post the recipe for the meals we cook each week so check this out (in the Weekly Meal section) for some great meal ideas.

Reasons to Join Us

VegSoc is for anyone who:

1. Wants to meet new people and have fun, whilst trying some delicious vegan food

2. Learn new recipes, share with others, and get inspired!

We also have socials, film nights and meals out in town - we've got some great suggestions for local vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafes (see Veggie Places in Bath).

Come and Meet Us

Everyone can come for a free session to give it a go, but we do ask that you buy membership if you come more often.

Dartmouth Avenue is a short walk for anyone living in Oldfield and the 20/22 and 12 buses stop nearby. From Campus, you can get the U1/U2 to the Brougham Hayes stop and it's a 10 min walk from there. Drop us a message if you need any help getting here, especially if you're coming from campus - we're happy to meet you to get the bus down together! 



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