Whether you’re a committee member of a student group, Academic Rep, Peer Mentor or Student Trainer, whatever your role is within The SU, we want to recognise and reward your dedication, commitment and effort.

Being a student leader / volunteer enables you to make a positive difference to other students and the wider student community whilst developing yourself. The Volunteer Recognition Scheme will enable students who have made an impact across these areas to receive recognition, including a rewards package!

The scheme has been re-launched for the 2017-18 academic year with changes to the levels of recognition and rewards packages offered. The Volunteer Recognition Scheme will operate over one level: ‘Outstanding Volunteer’.

Students who are undertaking The Bath Award are ideally placed to apply for the Volunteer Recognition Scheme, as all of the work you do in your role(s) will count towards the scheme.

Applications for the Volunteer Recognition Scheme are closed and will reopen in the 2018/19 academic year