The Volunteer Recognition Scheme operates over one level of volunteer: ‘Outstanding Volunteer’. When you apply to the scheme you’ll be asked to give a description of your voluntary activity, which should include your role title(s). You don’t need to provide details of hours dedicated to the role.

To assist you in your completion of the application form you might find it helpful to refer to your role description(s) where it is available, and ask for informal feedback from others you work with in your role.

When reviewing applications The SU will take into account a number of factors to make a decision on awarding students. These factors are based on three key areas:

  • The impact the volunteering experience has had on you as an individual
  • The impact of the activities on other students you work with in your role
  • The impact of the activities on the wider student experience

Decisions will be made on the information you provide in the application form, and through consultation with relevant SU staff.

There is an expectation that you will be continually engaged in your voluntary activity throughout the academic year, however one off voluntary activities will be considered.

Students engaged in sports activities are welcome to apply for the Volunteer Recognition Scheme, however you cannot apply for both the Volunteer and Sport Recognition Schemes in a single year. If you would like to be considered for the Sport Volunteer Recognition Scheme please visit Sport Volunteer Recognition.

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