V Team is the student volunteering group of the Students' Union they are committed to providing a range of different ways to get involved in volunteering with the local and wider community.

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That the University of Bath has a culture of volunteering enabling students to engage with meaningful opportunities and contribute to their local community.  


To build relationships between students and local residents through compassionate, inclusive and sustainable projects that focus on improving the lives of those around us. 

2021-2022 Objectives: 

  • Create a hybrid experience for volunteers, returning to much loved in-person events while also support students who can't be here to volunteer.
  • Work with each project to make environmentally sustainable swaps in how they operate and track how we have improved.
  • Relaunch V Team on social media and raise identity on campus to increase engagement.
  • Develop a framework on what a good student-led project is and ensure our projects meet it.



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