Meet the V Team 2021 / 2022 Committee 

If you would like to contact any/all of the committee members, please email

Harry Wilson (he/him) - V Team Chair 

Final Year Economics

Hi, I’m Harry, the V-Team chair for 2021/22. As chair, I’m responsible for managing the committee, and liaising between the committee, SU staff, external charities and organisations, and other volunteers.

I was part of V-Team for my first two years at Bath and got involved in a wide range of projects, including project leading the Christmas Shoebox Appeal and leading a team of volunteers at the Colour Run. The welcoming and inclusive nature of V-Team has been clear in my volunteering experience, and I’m looking forward to ensuring that this continues this year and in the future.  This year, I’m looking forward to the return of in-person events, thereby increasing the range of opportunities available, and meeting our new members as well as seeing some familiar faces.

Feel free to say hello if you see me out and about on campus – I’d be happy to answer any questions or hear any feedback or ideas for our society moving forward :)

Callum Needham (he/him) - Secretary

Final Year International Development with Economics

Hi all - I'm Callum and I have the privilege of being the V Team Secretary for 2021/22. My responsibilities include keeping track of meeting minutes, information distribution through the V Team email and also the social media side of things. In my first two years at Bath I found volunteering as a great way to meet new people from both within the Uni, as well as Bath locals. V Team offers such a diverse range of events that I'm sure you will find something that matches your interests! 

Dayane Celi (she/her) - Treasurer

Final Year Accounting and Finance 

I was part of V Team in my first two years and it has been a great experience. As treasurer, my job is mainly to manage the budget and authorise payments, to make sure we have enough funding for all our projects and events. 

The group has always had a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and it is a great way to make friends and give back to the community together. My aim for this year is to continue this atmosphere :) 

If you have any questions or ideas for the club please let me know, my inbox is always open, or feel free to approach me if you me around. 

I can't wait to meet all our new members and see old faces again! 

Joanna Bardadin (she/her) - Engagement Officer 

3rd Year Business

My name's Joanna and I'm a 3rd-year Business student. The past year I was a co-leader for the COVID-19 response project - V Virtual. My role as an Engagement Officer will include recruiting Project Leaders as well as organising social events. Having worked and studied remotely I can appreciate how isolating it can be so my personal goal is to create a diverse environment where not even a single person is feeling left out.

I am also a huge fan of travelling and reading books. Don't hesitate to pop me a message :)