Know what you're taking! We are so pleased to be working with the Developing Health and Independence charity (DHI) to offer free, confidential reagent drug-testing kits and safe drug advice!

Know what you're taking! 

We are so pleased to be working with the Developing Health and Independence charity (DHI) to offer free, confidential reagent drug-testing kits and safe drug advice!

All University of Bath students are welcome to drop-in Thursdays 11:00-13:00 on Level 3 of The Student Centre (The SU building). Drop ins will begin from Thursday 10 February.

Please note, the testing kits will not be available initially due to issues with supply, DHI will be available at the drop ins for harm reduction advice. We are hoping the testing kits will be available at the end of February

You will need your student ID to prove you are a student at the University of Bath, but this will not be recorded. 

The SU Bath Drugs Harm Reduction Statement

Student safety is a priority at The SU. We are continuously working on ways to ensure all students feel safe in our university community. 

The SU Bath does not condone the possession, use or supply of illegal drugs. We are all aware of the harm that the use of and supply of illegal drugs can have. The SU believes that it is imperative that we adopt a harm reduction approach to drug use. This approach reduces the risks associated with drug use and prioritises student safety, to help avoid tragedies occurring in our community.  

A harm reduction approach allows students to confidently access information and advice from experts. We know some students choose to take recreational drugs; a harm reduction approach mitigates risks, so students take drugs in the safest way possible. This approach allows us to support the wellbeing of our student community, while complying with the law throughout. 

Support Measures: Free Reagent Drug-Testing Kits and Harm Reduction Advice

In line with this harm reduction approach, we are so pleased to have successfully secured funding for a partnership with local drugs and alcohol charity, DHI. All University of Bath students can now access free drug testing reagent kits and confidential expert advice from DHI on-campus. This service is available on Level 3 of The Student Centre (The SU Building) outside the Advice & Support Centre between 11am-1pm every Thursday.  

DHI aim to provide a flexible and non-judgemental space for people to be open about the drug and alcohol difficulties they are facing. This service is independent of the University and aims to reassure students that they can have open and honest conversations about drug and alcohol use. Free drug testing reagent kits aare also available which show a colour change when a drug is added. The colour change can then be compared to a reference table to work out if the drug is what it is supposed to be.

As well as this, we encourage all students to access the confidential services they feel most comfortable approaching, whether this is The SU Advice & Support Service, Student Services, or external agencies. Referrals to external support agencies may be made where the support required is outside the expertise of University or SU services.

Additional Information

Further information regarding drug and alcohol support at the University can be found here

The University’s drug harm reduction statement, including information related to disciplinary matters, can be found here

Additional resources around drug use which may be useful for students:

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