What We Do

Welcome to the Bath Killer Bees!

We are the American football team of the University of Bath, back to back South West Atlantic Conference Champions (2012/13,2013/14) and National Semi-Finalists 2012/13! This season we will be playing in the competitive BUCS 1A South West.

Beginners are an integral part of our squad alongside experienced returners so there is no need to worry if you have no experience in the sport. If you've ever wanted to give American Football a go or are just simply curious about the sport then get in touch with us via social media or come and meet us!

Reasons to Join Us

  • We are a BUCS team competing against some of the top teams in the UK.
  • No experience is required! Coaching staff and veterans with a wealth of experience at hand to help new players.
  • No essential kit is required! All pads and helmets are provided by the club. All you need is an opaque gum shield and boots.
  • Regular club socials to Score and joint socials with the cheerleaders throughout the year. As well as watching live NFL games in our sponsor pub on Sundays.
  • Strength and Conditioning program led by a qualified coach.

Come & Meet Us

We will be around on campus during freshers week, with a taster session during freshers week; Wednesday we will be on parade for sports day as well as campus challenge so come along for a chat.

Get down to Mini-Camp, your chance to try American Football, on the floodlit training area behind the astros on the 6th and 7th of October 10am to 4pm.

We will also have a Taster Session at 1pm Friday 28th September and this session will also be on the floodlit training area behind the astros. Then an Open Training Session at 3pm Saturday 29th September.

We have Speed and Agility training on the sprint track in the STV 8.30-10pm on Tuesdays.

We also have a classroom sessions as well as a full contact kitted session from 7.30pm-10pm Thursdays on the flood lit training area behind the astroturf pitches. Come and have a chat with our coaches to see where you fit in.

Or come and watch the NFL games with us on Sunday nights at The Cork, our sponsor pub


Kit Manager

Game Day Manager

Social Secretary