BKB Alumni Fund

BKB is a competitive yet inclusive club, where members who have likely never thought about playing the sport before can elevate both their physical and mental ability. To keep this costly sport available to everyone, we kindly ask former players who once sported the Blue and Gold to assist in maintaining this great club. Whether it's a one-off donation or a monthly subscription, BKB thank you for your commitment.

We hope to elevate the club's reputation and create a culture of sustainability.

Priority Purchases:

  • 5+ new helmets each year to replace expiring helmets; 17 are due to expire in the next three years!
  • 4+ leather training balls specifically for the QB/WR drills that are kept in a fit-for-purpose bag to prevent the rapid degradation of these expensive balls.
  • A new higher quality camera for game film, so that players have a clearer image when reviewing film, accelerating player development. 
  • 3+ stepovers to replace the existing ones which will soon become unusable
  • 1 tackle circle to replace the existing one which is now in bad condition

Alumni Fund

Please follow the link here to donate. Direct any donations to 'Other', then 'Bath American Football'. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated!