29/04/2020 - Casual Staff Update

We have previously released an update with regard to casual student workers being able to take part in the Furlough process. We appreciate updated communication on this has been slow from the University and many of you who are employed with us may be feeling anxious about the exact details of how this will work for you.

We are working hard on this for you. The University updated its guidance again on Friday evening as further guidance has emerged and they are seeking to make progress for casual workers this week, and provide an update to all casual workers in the first week of May.

We want to assure you that we are working alongside HR to go through all the details, the process is complicated and isn’t a one size fits all approach. Our aim is to get as many of our student workers onto Furlough as possible, and have provided HR with data from work rotas and other commitments to help them with the government’s eligibility test.

It is important to note that some roles will not be eligible, for example if there was no ongoing requirement for work or where students are still able to work remotely. If you have other employment or have since found alternative employment, this may also affect your eligibility.

Once HR have confirmed Furlough status for roles, we will have the opportunity to follow-up with any student workers who have not been included in the scheme, understand individual circumstances, challenge status and explore other options with you.

We are continually grateful for the opportunity to make sure students who were expected to work will receive some pay and we are doing all we can to speed up any communication and messaging around the details. If you have any individual concerns, please do contact our SU Advice team who can look into your specific case.


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