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Oh to be a fly on the wall...

As we get closer and closer to the time you can elect yourself as an SU officer, having an insight into what we actually do is indispensable, and as we have been currently rushed off our feet with all the referenda planning, I thought I would hand you over to our very own fly on the wall, Frederick. Say hi!




Frederick is kindly joining us, as you can see, from a well-loved book of Victorian anatomy, and as such is a little dazed and choosing to focus on bits and bobs that really stand out to his hexagonal peepers – let’s talk to him now.


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Greetings fellow readers ! Today, I, your humble buzzing companion will take you on a whirlwind adventure through the intricate tapestry of affairs known as being an SU officer. I still have difficulties saying SU due to how my mouthpiece is formed, so please be patient, but know that it truly is lovely, warm and welcoming here. I am going to take you through a whole host of events – SUmmit training, a Gold Scholarship event, referenda campaigning, an away day, and finally good news about University Challenge – oh how I love landing on the TV during University Challenge.


1 – The flight to success – training for SUmmit

As I have come from an anatomy book (yes I am self-aware), I am a great proponent of lifelong learning. This means that being able to pop along for SUmmit training is a true treat. For the uninitiated, SUmmit is a great event where students can submit and debate on standpoints for the SU to adopt. There’s even free food afterwards, though I never get any. If any of you would like to do a lowly fly a big favour, you could submit your own standpoint about making sure I get fed at these things (or, something you’re passionate about maybe, I don’t care, do as you please).


2 – Mingling up high – Gold Scholarship Network Event

Oh how I love a networking event. The air is always thick with excitement as all the humans engage in animated conversations about all they are passionate about, and I, too, get to seize the opportunity to network, flitting from one group to another. I welcome all the interesting ideas of the scholars, sponsors, and guides with wide open wings, and I hope that you all get the opportunity to come along to one soon.


3 – The Referenda Buzz

Oh how interesting was this one. For at least a week, I saw you avoid eye contact with those in blue jackets to ensure that you would not be asked once more if you had voted. I know you had. I saw you cast your ballot in the blue glow of your tiny screens. Those poor officers, however, had lost all track of who had and who hadn’t been handed one of many sweets. I, too, tried to lend my tiny voice, but as I was not a student, and far too quiet in the buzz of the Plug and Tub, my buzzing ballot was left uncounted. I’ll forgive you this time.

4 – Buzzing away (day)

Away days are truly peculiar, they are as if you don’t normally see all these people together in one room. Thinking about it, I often see many of the same person in one room thanks to how my vision is. So maybe I am just getting mixed up. Anyway. It was lovely to see Jenny from the widening participation team deliver a session all about the theory of change, and seeing it applied to the sensory room alongside the university librarian was a true treat too – I love seeing it all come together.

5 – A return to my academic aspirations

Finally, how could I forget the final University Challenge heats ? Amber couldn’t make it to this one, so I went in her place, and how glad I am. Intrigued by the intellectual prowess of humans, I decided to test my own mettle. Auditioning for the esteemed quiz show, I found myself in a room buzzing with anticipation. Alas, my tiny brain struggled to answer complex questions, but the experience was enlightening. I left with a newfound appreciation for the academic pursuits of the humans I had been observing.


And that’s my journey. Are you glad you came along ? It is such a vast and varied world here, and I am just a tiny observer. Keep on buzzing dear readers. I may see you again soon !


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Wow ! Thank you so much Fred – can I call you Fred ?

??? ? ???n? ??? ??n

Oh amazing !

You have done such a good job rounding everything up, and I hope you have the most fantastical rest of the month Fred ! Dear reader, if you would like to hear from Fred again, please let me know, I will make sure to invite him, or his friends, back!




Amber x



SUmmit page – SUmmit (

SUmmit standpoint page -


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