Bath University Left Union (BULU)  is the united face of progressive activism at the University of Bath.

Join us and get involved in our student-led movement for real change!


Bath University Left Union (BULU) aims to unite all left-inclined students and groups on campus, working together to build a grand progressive coalition of socialists, social democrats, and liberals.

Independent from the influence of any one Party, Left Union instead brings students together to campaign towards common interests and goals, guided by an unwavering commitment to social justice. By fighting student disaffection and political apathy, Left Union is the united face of progressive activism at the University of Bath. 

Through Left Union, students can get involved in campaigning around the biggest issues facing our world, working with and learning from influential activists and campaigners from Bristol, Bath, and beyond. Left Union is independent from any party or group, meaning all activities are entirely student-led with a thriving internal democracy. Left Union offers student a unique opportunity to network across the South West and finally have their voices heard.



We're not all red flags and revolutions though; we also offer:

  • Pub Nights (politics optional)
  • Seminars
  • Debates
  • Film Screenings
  • Reading Groups
  • Creative Workshops
  • And so much more!!

Everything we do is member-led and member-backed, and by joining the Left Union you can bring your own ideas to the table to expand and strengthen our movement. Got a campaign you want to run, workshop you want to host, or a speaker you're in contact with? Pitch it straight to the Left Union and we'll do it!

We are fiercely committed to inclusivity, representation, and the welfare of each and every member, and as a broadchurch group, everybody is welcome.

Whether you're only inclined left-of-centre or as radical as they come, we want you here at Left Union. 

Membership is FREE! Make sure to also add our Instagram (@bathunileftunion) 

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