Bath University Left Union (BULU)  is the united face of progressive activism at the University of Bath.

Join us and get involved in our student-led movement for real change!



  • Thomas Heath
  • Ulla Alekse
  1. Are responsible for the overall running of Bath University Left Union. 

  1. Must maintain a full knowledge of any events and activities planned, and an up-to-date knowledge of Bath University Left Union finances. 

  1. Liaise with SU staff, the SU President, the Political Campaigns Executive and university staff. 

  1. Respond to any requests about Bath University Left Union activities and provides up-to-date information regarding them. 

  1. Calls and chairs Committee meetings and General Meetings. 

  1. Produces annual development plan and helps the Chancellor with the budget request. 

  1. Liaise with Politics & Activism group Chairs and local or national activists and co-ordinates the similar efforts of other Committee Members. 

  1. Work with other Committee members to produce an annual Generic Risk Assessment and specific Risk Assessments for events or trips as required. 

  1. Completes Event Planners or ensures that another relevant Committee Member does so. 

  1. Mandated to remain impartial when moderating all debates, discussions, and votes. 



Incumbent: Luca Kollmer

  1. Liaises and maintains a working relationship with all Societies area staff, the SU President, the Political Campaigns Executive and Finance Office staff. 

  1. Maintains an up-to-date knowledge of Bath University Left Union’s financial situation by keeping detailed records where necessary. 

  1. Authorises any Bath University Left Union expenditure. 

  1. Is responsible for keeping Bath University Left Union in credit. 

  1. Works with the Chair and incoming Committee to produce an annual budget request. 

  1. Ensures that all Bath University Left Union Members have paid up. 



Incumbent: Rosie Blake

  1. Liases with Societies area staff, the SU President, the Political Campaigns Executive and university staff where necessary. 

  1. Organises Committee meetings and General Meetings. 

  1. Takes minutes of meetings and distributes them to Members as well as placing them online and sending them to the Activities Office. 

  1. Checks the Society mail shelf and distributing post. 

  1. Ensures all Members receive frequent and informative communication from the Committee, the SU and any outside organisations. 


Socials Officer  

Incumbent: Finlay Bertram

  1. Organises socials and events both on and off-campus. 

  1. Ensures that Bath University Left Union at least breaks even on socials across the year. 

  1. Ensures that all Bath SU’s social policies are adhered to. 


Liberation Officers:  Gender Equality Officer; BAME Officer; LGBTQ+ Officer; Disability Officer  


  • Sophia Sheridan (Gender Equality)
  • Grace Reed (LGBTQ+)
  • Vacant (BAME)
  • Vacant (Disability)
  1. Represent their group’s issues and promotes their group’s interests in Bath University Left Union’s proceedings. 

  1. Organises at least one event a year on their respective group’s issues for the whole club. 

  1. Encourages their group’s participation in corresponding campaigns, groups, activities, events, or otherwise. 

  1. Tries to increase their group’s Membership of Bath University Left Union. 

  1. Will liaise with any relevant activists, campaigns, or groups associated with Bath University Left Union. 


Campaigns and Social Media Officer  

Incumbent: Alex Whitwell

  1. Coordinates campaigns both on-campus and off-campus. 

  1. Is responsible for maintaining relationships with local media, including university media. 

  1. Works with the Committee to maintain and improve the reputation of Bath University Left Union. 

  1. Ensures that Bath University Left Union’s social media accounts are active, and posts regular updates. 

  1. Creates and maintains Bath University Left Union’s branding, including logos, posters and promotional materials. 

  1. Coordinates recruitment efforts, including a stall in the Activities Fair and activity on social media. 


P&A Group Representatives


  • Daniel Bando (Labour)
  • Shane Dalzell (Green)
  • Ben Hounsell (Liberal Democrat)
  1. Liaises with the Central Committee regarding the campaigns or activities of their respective Group. 

  1. Contributes to discussions, debates, and proposals within Committee meetings. 

  1. Strengthens the alliance between all Members to build momentum around Bath University Left Union campaigns, activities, and events. 

  1. Liaises and deliberates with their respective Committee, leadership, or Membership to work alongside Bath University Left Union where relevant.