Bath University Left Union (BULU)  is the united face of progressive activism at the University of Bath.

Join us and get involved in our student-led movement for real change!


  • Fighting student disaffection and political apathy, Bath University Left Union (BULU) aims to unite all left-inclined students and groups on campus, working together to build a grand progressive coalition of socialists, social democrats, and liberals. Independent from the influence of any one Party, Left Union instead brings students together to campaign towards common interests and goals, guided by an unwavering commitment to social justice. By unshackling ourselves from party politics, Left Union will be the united face of progressive activism at the University of Bath.


  1. Empowering and Mobilising Young People 

  • Member-led democracy is our beating heart and the driving force behind every one of our campaigns; collective power is the foundational belief upon which the Left Union was created. 

  1. Unity, Collaboration, Conscience

  • As a broad church, the Left Union believes in understanding and amplifying our common goals, not factionalism and infighting. Whether you’re only inclined left-of-centre or you’re as radical as they come, we must unite the Left in the name of social justice, peace, and progress. 

  1. Representation, Inclusion, Accessibility

  • Diversity is and always will be our greatest strength. Students of all backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs are welcome. We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and classism, and will always strive to remain a safe space. 

  1. Progressive Without Equivocation

  • We will always remain staunchly progressive, never compromising on the fight for a fair and free society. Our goal is to build a movement around the sharing of knowledge and ideas without intimidation or self-censorship. 

  1. Education, Education, Education- 

  • We strongly believe in the empowerment of all through comprehensive, varied, and insightful political education. The Left Union will regularly host keynote speakers, activists, and politicians from across the country to educate our Members on the vital issues shaping their future.  

  1. Egality, Equality, Universality-  

  • We strive for a world in which we are all created equal, where we share fundamental rights and freedoms which may never be taken away from us. We refuse to succumb to hierarchical thinking or discrimination of any kind. 

  1. Peace, Internationalism, Anti-Imperialism- 

  • The Left Union will always campaign for peace and against hawkish, imperialist foreign policy at home and across the globe. We strive to reach across borders, working together to create the better world we all desire, and tirelessly speaking out for the rights of migrants and refugees. 

  1. A Green New Hope- 

  • The climate emergency is real and poses an existential threat to us all. Environmentalism is core and intersectional to any progressive movement, and Left Union will always campaign to protect our precious climate.  

  1. To Be Free to Do What We Wanna Do-  

  • We will never accept any infringement upon our fundamental rights to bodily autonomy, how we speak and express ourselves, and how we live our daily lives. We wanna have a good time, and we’re gonna have a good time. 

  1. Justice for All- 

  • The Left Union will always be a voice for the unheard, a platform for the underrepresented, and the vehicle for student activism on Campus. We will champion trade unions, workers’ rights, and equality across gender, sexuality, class, race, and disability.