Bath University Model United Nations Society:

Best Society Activity/Event 2014
Best General Society Event 2014
General Society of the Year Award 2009-2010
2018/2019: Host of the South West Model United Nations Conference 
Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations. You take on the role of a diplomat and discuss the most pressing issues faced by the UN in a mock UN setting and manner. It is perfect if you have an interest in current affairs, debating, politics, negotiation or diplomacy.

Model UN is perhaps one of the most prestigious, demanding, exciting and helpful extra-curricular activities. It gives individuals the opportunity to enhance their current skillset and even learn new ones. This year, we hope to work on helping our members develop the following key skills: 

  1. Public Speaking – an art that if mastered can help you stand out in any room you walk into. This is something that would help them standout in presentations, interviews and even discussion among their friends. If done right, these skill helps them develop traits such as charisma. 

  1. Critical thinking – solving world issues requires us to develop analytical skills. MUN to its surface is not only representing the stance of your allocation, but rather digging beneath the surface and researching about world issues and develop a comprehensive understanding of them.  

  1. Diplomacy – the ability to be able to understand a different point of view and negotiate helped me hold my ground outside the committee room as well. Such interpersonal skills would make BUMUN members trustworthy, inspirational and fun individuals to work with.  

  1. Teamwork – coordinating and helping our teammates to do better helped me make bonds that have lasted ever since. We do hope that our members can count on BUMUN as a group of friends who would be present in for all kinds of help. It is important that we make memories, but even more important to have people to share these memories with. 

BUMUN committee is adamant on doing things which have never been done before, expand its society mandate to not only participate (and win) more MUNs but also undertake the responsibility of furthering the UN agenda at Bath. In a nutshell, we hope that at the end of next academic year, each BUMUN member can say that they learned something new, that they care about something that they did not previously, that they were able to develop their skills and/or will look back at BUMUN as one of the best experiences of their university life.  

Our objectives:

The BUMUN Committee has the following objectives for the academic year 2019-2020. As a committee, we must try to achieve all these objectives with the resources present.The following are the top objectives for this year: 

  1. Expand society membership by attracting a great number of first year students. Hold weekly sessions with proper training exercises to help members improve their skills.

  2. Host an internal BUMUN competition to scout for official delegations. 

  3. Conduct two 2hr weekly training workshops with members of the official delegations, but also open to general members, on the following areas: 

    • Drafting your speeches 

    •  Delivery

    • Documentation 

    • How to negotiate 

    • Crisis sessions 

    • Awareness on current affairs 

    • Dress to impress 

  4. Help the official delegations participate in at least two national and one international conferences.

  5. Raise funding through finding a sponsor and collaborating with different academic partners. 

  6. Host a one day conference, inviting renowned journalists, politicians, diplomats, policy-makers, activists and academics to discuss current affairs.

  7. Have more social events in order for our members to have a stronger sense of community! We want to make sure that everyone has fun and looks back on their time at BUMUN as the highlight of their university experience.  

  8. Make a research database for all BUMUN members which will have information on commonly debated committee topics. 

  9. Strengthen collaboration with the South West Model United Nations and revisit policies on representation in the secretariat and participating body. 

Come and Meet Us

Come to our weekly sessions: every Thursday 19:15 - 21:15! 

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