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Bath University Model United Nations is a society for students who are passionate about world affairs, international relations, and diplomacy, who would like to get challenged intellectually, grow personally and professionally while meeting like-minded people and gaining long-lasting friendships.

BUMUN is for students who often happened to wish to be on the other side of screens, beyond the sensational headlines they can read online, the dramatic crisis they get to watch on TV or the books they read. In sum, BUMUN is for people who want to have an impact in the future or simply for students who would like to discover something new (MUNs) while meeting new people!

What is Model UN?

Model UN is a diplomatic simulation, inviting students to reproduce the debates occurring between world representatives at the United Nations. How? You take on the role of a diplomat (maybe an ambassador, or a head of state!) to discuss the most pressing issues faced by the UN in a mock UN.  This is an excellent way to challenge yourself, as often you will be debating positions that are different from your personal opinion. This process will allow you to get a deep and multifaceted understanding of global affairs - as you lean about each country's position, interests and foreign policy.

Model UN is perhaps one of the most prestigious, demanding, exciting, and helpful extra-curricular activities. It gives individuals the opportunity to enhance their current skillset and even learn new ones such as communication, cooperation, negotiation, diplomacy, policy and resolution writing, and interpersonal skills.


  1. Public Speaking – an art that if mastered can help you stand out in any room you walk into. This is something that would help you stand out in presentations, interviews, and even discussions among friends. If done right, this skill helps you develop traits such as charisma and can allow you to have a real impact in the future. 

  2. Teamwork – coordinating and helping our team members to do better can help you form bonds that are likely to last forever. We do hope that our members can count on BUMUN as a group of friends who would be present in for all kinds of help and support beyond weekly sessions.
  3. Critical thinking – solving world issues requires us to develop analytical skills. BUMUN is not only about representing the stance of your allocation, but rather digging beneath the surface and researching world issues and developing a comprehensive understanding of them. 

  4. Diplomacy– facing someone else’s worldview is more challenging than one could think. It can totally outrage, surprise, or amaze you, questioning your very own values and demanding you to subtly tackle one’s arguments. It requires emotional intelligence, empathy, and diplomacy, three interpersonal skills which are essential and that you can develop!

What do we do outside weekly debate sessions?

From socials, MUN conferences, and speakers events, to chill game nights and pub crawls, BUMUN proposes a wide range of events to learn about the diplomatic world, meet new people and, most importantly, to have fun and explore Bath's exciting social scene. 



  • Diplomats, political scientists, and experts will share their experiences with students in our unique guest speakers sessions. This will help all of us to have a better understanding of who we represent during MUNs, and it gives you the opportunity to personally discuss topics with leading experts in their field - from sustainability to international security - and capture certain challenges they have to tackle.

  • Collaborations with societies: allying our different interests and abilities through conferences and common projects is a great opportunity for students to discover new ways to face certain issues identified by the United Nations.

  • Monthly Socials: We offer monthly socials for our members to get to enjoy Bath's social scene through a wide range of events, from boat socials, winter formals, to mini-golf, pub crawls and game nights

  • MUN Conferences: The best part of joining BUMUN is that you get to attend the world's best MUN conferences as part of an award-winning delegation, and travel around the country. You get full training from our experienced committee to allow you to shine confidently in these amazing events. 


Join us!


BUMUN is a society that allows you to improve your professional skills, and to bond with new people who share your interests while acting toward positive change. 

BUMUN is inclusive, welcoming people regardless of their experience with the diplomatic world, their confidence in public speaking, or their knowledge of world affairs. Our membership varies from first-time MUN-ers to people who have done MUN for 6 years.

Joining us is an incredible way to develop excellent communication skills, advanced negotiation skills, good teamwork skills, as well as confidence in public speaking. These competencies and your awareness of international issues are sought by future employers as they want to hire people who are able to communicate, negotiate well, and be constructive team members. 

Aside from professional development, BUMUN is a great way to meet new people and make friends! Socials and other monthly events are a great opportunity to bond with them. The conferences BUMUN members attend throughout the year are a good, cost-effective, way to travel and see various places in England, as well as abroad!


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