BUMUN 2020- 2021

Meet the Core Committee!


Chair: Ruveen Abeysuriya

3rd Year BSc (Hons) Architecture

Email: rsa31@bath.ac.uk



Vice Chair: Siddarth Gajaria

3rd Year Economics & Mathematics BSc

Email: sg2318@bath.ac.uk

Inclusivity and Welfare Officer: Jenna Moenninghoff

Course: 2nd Year BSc Politics and International Relations

Email: jmm217@bath.ac.uk



Treasurer: Nils Langlois-Cannon

3rd Year BSc Economics and Mathematics

Email: nlc34@bath.ac.uk 


Secretary: Aryan Bahl

2nd Year BSc Management

Email: abb3441@bath.ac.uk 



Social Secretary: Vacant

Role: Assisting in the organization of our social events, and running the BUMUN social media (IG, FB)