We are highly committed to creating a community that is inclusive and safe for all. On this page, you'll find some of the approaches we've taken for our neurodivergent members and our members from marginalised gender identities.

Neurodiversity Inclusivity

Our main goal is to create a space where everyone can enjoy gaming comfortably.
We host sensory-friendly gaming nights, laidback console socials and we always book a second room next to our LAN room that members can go when they want some peace and quiet.

Any of our committee members would be more than happy to talk you through our society, whether you're looking to take part in a tournament, or attend one of our events. We can talk through what will happen at the event, answer any questions and even meet up with you before the event.

Please feel free to email us on:

Women & Non-Binary Community

We know what it's like to be too scared to talk in voice chat or to be worried that you might not be taken seriously. In 2023/24, we have four female-identifying committee members (including our chair) and we can honestly promise you that you won't experience that here!

We have a dedicated section in our Discord server for those who identify as female and/or non-binary and we have a strict zero-tolerance stance towards any discriminatory remarks, both at our events and in our Discord server.

Women & Non-Binary Tournaments

We submit teams for Women & Non-Binary Tournaments, which are tournaments open only to those who identify as female and/or non-binary.

Our Welfare & Inclusivity Officer, Emily, joined our society last year and had such a great experience that she ran for committee this year to promote these tournaments!
Here's what Emily has said about the tournaments:

"Women and non-binary tournaments are currently run by NSE and NUEL for Valorant, League of Legends, and Overwatch 2. They are a fantastic opportunity to try out competitive esports, something that most find daunting, in a safe and inclusive setting. It’s so much fun to play for something- we ourselves came 2nd in the NSE winter cup last year. However, prizes are not the only incentive. I personally have made some of my closest friends through my wnb Valorant team getting to meet people not just from Bath but nearby universities too. The purpose of wnb tournaments is to have fun and make friends. Students of all skill levels are welcomed, whether you’ve only played the game for a week or since it came out! If you identify as wnb, please give it a go, it’s absolutely worth it."

For more information, join our Discord server and pick up the Women & Non-Binary role or send a DM to Emily, @Pike0#3902 on Discord! Alternatively, you can register your interest here for the 2023/24 W&NB Tournaments.

To see up-to-date information on dates & signups for the W&NB tournaments, head to our Tournaments Page by clicking here.


We would be more than happy to answer any questions or listen to feedback, please send us an email on:

If you'd like to provide anonymous feedback instead, click here for our anonymous feedback form.