Here at Canoe we hold lots of socials throughout the year! Take a look below for what socials are coming up, or Join our Facebook group (not just the page) for info!!

All info about Socials is also available on our Instagram


Or you can ask a committee member to add you to the Whatsapp group.

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Socials Schedule Semester 2:

FRIDAYS - HAPPYHOUR we are always in the Plug on Fridays 4-8pm to say hi to the other members of the club and get £2.60 Double Pints! It's a great way to end the week and to get to know other members of the club!

Wed 7th Feb - White T-Shirt Social

Fri 9th Feb - Refreshers Happy Hour

Tues 13th Feb - Pancake Day non-drinking 

Tues 14th Feb - Valentines Day Pub Golf

Wed 21st Feb - Army Social

Wed 28th Feb - Pub Social

Dates/times subject to change. Join our Facebook group (not just the page) for info!!

Why Canoe Club Socials are the Best...

  1. We do Happy Hour every week
  2. We do both club and pub socials (as well as plenty of food socials), so we've got something for everyone
  3. We've got socials written into legend (Cheese and Wine... Army... Pudding!!!)