Welcome to Canoe Club!

Welcome to Canoe Club - on this site you will details of all the critical information including our trips, weekly training sessions socials, membership and contact details. We welcome incoming students as well as returning students, and please get in touch if you have any questions.

Despite the name, we mainly go kayaking! 

What We Do

  • Free for members pool sessions three times a week! (Coaching included!)
  • Whitewater kayaking down spectacular rivers and accessible water courses.
  • Canoe polo games against other universities (don't know what that is? That a look here)
  • Socials - nearly every week we have a relaxed but fun opportunity to get to know other kayakers! Our usual highlights include Cheese & Wine Social, Army social and Pudding social! And of course, we're at Happy Hour every week.
  • Check out What We Do for a more detailed list of trips/events/competitions throughout the year!


What We Offer

  • Pool Sessions
    • We run 3 pool sessions a week in the STV Pool!
      • Mondays 9-10PM
      • Tuesdays 8-10PM (Canoe Polo)
      • Thursday 9-10PM
    • In addition to this, every three weeks on Thursdays, women and non-binary pool sessions are organised to go over core skills learnt in our main pool sessions - detailed in the club calendar linked below
    • These are free to attend once you have paid membership (and free for all during tasters), and depending on demand you should get at least an hour a week in a boat! Coaching available for all levels; from aqua-phobic beginners to hyper-aquatic Gurus.
  • River Sessions
    • We run these most Wednesdays and some weekends on the River Avon!  We'll provide boats, paddles and other paddling kit as usual (although you'll need to bring your own wetsuit/wet kit). Should be lots of fun, with plenty of tricks to learn and the chance to paddle over the famous Pulteney Weir!
  • Happy Hour every Friday 4-8pm
    • Check our Facebook group for the weekly Happy Hour post and to find out where we will be each Friday! It’s our most regular social event, with no need to drink, a guaranteed sofa, and you can even bring along friends who don’t want to join (although we might try to change their mind...) 
  • Socials
    • Open to everyone, these are a great time to cut loose and meet the club. Check our facebook group for details and times. Please get in touch with our Social Sec (Lucy Townsend) if you want more details!
  • Trips
    • Rest Bay, our first beach trip, run at the end of the summer, a great opportunity to get a taste of a canoe club trip!
    • Our first canoe polo event of the year - Nottingham! This is a fantastic trip for new members, as there's a large beginners league and the campsite is right next to the pitches.
    • Check out What We Do for a more detailed list

Use this Club Calendar to check up on all our events coming up, trips and socials alike and to be able to add them to your calendar!

Semester 2 - trip breakdown:




Cost [approximate]

Time commitment




28 Jan – 5 Feb

North Wales


Week Trip

No changing     facilities getting on river


17-19 February

North Wales

Approx £80 + certification fees

Whole weekend trip

Unlikely to have  access to changing facilities

SWUPL gameday 4

18 February

Bristol Docs


Day trip

No changing    facilities, toilets available at local businesses

BUCS slalom

24-26 February

Holme Pierrepoint

BUCS Fee [£80] + approx. £25 for accom. + boat hire

Whole weekend trip

Toilets and        facilities for     changing on site


10-12 March

Taff Bargoed


Whole weekend trip

No changing      facilities

SWUPL Finals

25 March

Bristol Docs


Day trip

No changing    facilities, toilets available at local businesses

BUCS polo

22-23 April

Holme Pierrepont

BUCS Fee [£80] +accommodation costs [approx. £10]

Whole weekend trip

Toilets and facilities for changing on site

Wollacombe beach trip

TBC – likely early May before exams



Whole weekend trip

Accommodation is camping, limited facilities at beach



So what are you waiting for... Become a member!!

  1. Check out our Facebook (Page and Group) and Instagram pages to get all the latest on trips, socials and sessions. You can also send us an email at su-canoe@bath.ac.uk or a message on our FB page if you have any questions about these, we're more than happy to help :)
  2. Come to a taster session at the STV pool (they’re super fun and chilled we promise!) Before you can start paddling you'll need to do a quick swim test* (100m and 5 mins treading water), but it’s quick and you’ll soon be in a boat. *accessibility requirements are considered for the swim test - please send us an email if you think you may need adjustments
  3. Buy the membership (just on the left!!). This year it's just £10! (SU Sports membership must also be bought for £30) Membership covers all pool and river sessions, socials and allows you to come on our legendary trips at a subsidised price. 



Our Committee

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer

Social Secretary

Kit Secretary


Publicity Sec

Polo Rep


Transport Secretary

Coaching Secretary