What we do!

There is so much happening over the year in every discipline of kayaking, from white water to competitive canoe polo to chilled beach trips. Check out below for more information on what we do and the trips we run.

  1. Canoe Polo
  2. Surf and Freestyle
  3. Whitewater
  4. Socials

See our Club Calendar for more information on trip dates!


  • Tasters - see more information on our training sessions page!
  • Rest Bay - we head down to the beach in South Wales for a weekend of awesome surf and party.
  • Nottingham Polo Tournament - A tournament aimed at anyone new to paddling as an introduction to the awesome sport of CANOE POLO - check out our page dedicated to polo. 
  • Wye go Touring - A relaxed paddle along the river Wye in the forest of Dean with a little taster of whitewater at Symonds Yat.
  • Trip to Cardiff Whitewater Centre - For those who need a whitewater fix throughout the semester, we run a trip to CIWW.


  • Beginners Whitewater -  we offer everyone the chance to try out white water kayaking with a day trip to Dartmoor.
  • Cheese and Wine - For many, this is the highlight of November. As the cold evenings draw in we get together with lots of cheese and even more wine! 
  • South West Polo League - The inter-uni polo league will kick off in November, with fixtures through the year at Bristol Docks against friendly rivals including Exeter, Bristol, Swansea and Cardiff. We field an Open, Ladies and B team, so there is a chance for everyone to bring out their competitive side!


  • Snow Ball - This is not just one event. In canoe club we like to do things properly, the day of the Christmas ball includes a club meal, girl and guy time, into town for cocktails and finally Snow Ball.
  • Trip to the Canoe and Kayak store to stock up on all the kayaking goodies you want for Christmas.  
  • Trip to Cardiff Whitewater Centre - For those who need a whitewater fix throughout the semester, we run a trip to CIWW.


  • Exams, BOOO :( We run all our usual pool sessions in this period to provide some de-stressing!


  • ISB! (Inter Semester Break Trip) - this trip is probably the second-best trip of the whole year. Following exams, there is a week long break, in which we take the opportunity to get to some of the best whitewater across the UK. This trip typically rotates between  North Wales and the Lake District. 
  • Pudding Social - Hallelujah, praise the cheesecake! Basically we all eat a lot of cake and brownies and ice-cream for a whole social.


  • Cardiff Uni Canoe Polo (CUCP) tournament - this trip is ideal preparation for the BUCS polo competition the following month.  
  • Elections! Time flies when your year is actually only 8 months and in March we open elections for nominations to join committee and vote.


  • BUCS Polo - the whole polo year leads up to its conclusion at BUCS. This year we entered an Open, Ladies and B team and achieved our highest ranking in the last five years!
  • Return to CIWW Again!


  • Woolacombe - one of our best loved trips of the whole year. Our annual beach trip for kayak surfing, barbequing, English breakfasts, sandcastles, warm weather camping...
ALPS TRIP! The Alps trip is the highlight of the year for many people. We spend two weeks in the South of France enjoying the sunshine, spectacular whitewater and company of about ten other uni kayaking groups that head to the same place.