Society Chair

Responsible for overseeing all activities of the Society

Regularly liaises with and delegates duties to committee members

Maintains an up to date Society strategy, to be reviewed in hand-over each year

Engages with members and represents their views to the Bath SU

Acts as a signatory on the Society accounts up to set limits

Is responsible for ensuring health and safety standards are adhered to in all Society activities

Is jointly responsible with the Society Treasurer for ensuring the Society remains within budget

Oversees promotion of the Society to ensure membership targets are met

Informs and works with the VP Activities & Development on any disciplinary matters as per their Society disciplinary policy

Submits Society development plan, budget and asset registers in collaboration with Chairman elect in April each year

Ensures that the Society submits nominations for the Activities Awards each year

Ensures the Society meets all requirements set out in the Socs Constitution and Code of Conduct

Arranges and chairs regular committee meetings.

Society Treasurer

Working with the Chair is responsible for ensuring the Society remains within budget as set by VP Activities & Development and approved by the Socs Executive Committee

Acts as a signatory on the Society accounts up to set limits

Keeps regular accounts and spending plans for the year

Brings accounts updates to Society Committee Meetings

Knowledge and enforcement for the payment of Society Membership Fees

Sets up online products where appropriate.

Society Secretary

Arranges a minimum of one committee meeting per month during term time.

Sends out a request for agenda items a minimum of 7 days before committee meetings

Sends out a full agenda a minimum of 24 hours before committee meetings

Takes full minutes of committee meetings to be circulated to the committee within 2 weeks of the meeting or before the next meeting (whichever is earlier)

Has knowledge of all the core documents required for participation including risk assessments

Ensures correct procedures and policies are followed for events, trips and socials

Checks Society mail shelf and distributes post.

Social and Fundraising Secretary

Is responsible for organising Society socials

Ensures the Society at least breaks even on its social activity over the year

Is responsible for ensuring all Society socials adhere to the current BUSU Socials Policy

Organises fundraising events regularly to ensure that the show and competitions are as cheap as possible for members

Actively seeks additional finance opportunities to that provided by Socs

Works with BUSU Marketing department to generate and circulate sponsorship proposals

Maintains good relations with existing sponsors including submitting sponsorship reports

Seeks to engage in fundraising activity, ensuring all risks are clearly outlined to the Chair prior to activity

IT & Publicity Officer

Ensures all information on the Society web pages are up to date and comply with current Socs and BUSU policy

Updates Society web pages every month with photos, events and news.

Ensures that the Society, its events and Socs Events are widely publicised online.

Supports the maintenance of Society web pages including links to respective Union/University web pages.

Designs and printing flyers and posters over the summer for Freshers' Week and flyers and programms for the show

Coordinates BodySoc's presence at Freshers' Week fairs and events

Coordinates ticket selling and flyering for the annual show

Show Co-ordinator

Contact and book The Edge Theatre

Fill in all the essential forms needed

Book Backstage and keep in constant contact with them

Contact the Marketing Department and make the posters/flyers that you made to be used to advertise the event

Make the programs needed for the show

Find the choreographers and dancers

Create the dance list and the running order as well as collect all the tracks for every dance

Keep in constant contact with the dancers and the choreographers

Contact other societies in order for them to be guest performances on the show

Work on show rehearsals with secretary and choreographers


Competition organiser

Competition Organiser decides which inter-university dance competitions Dancesoc will attend throughout the year.

Contacting the respective universities

Choosing Dance Captains

Organising auditions

Assiting Dance Captains with choosing teams

Completing application forms

Gathering information from dancers

Gathering quotes from coaches and hotels

Booking coaches and hotels

Oversee all competition rehearsals, ensuring everything runs smoothly and all dancers are happy

Be in contact with the SU in terms of completing event planners and setting up online payments.

Constant liason with universities, hotels and coach company

Costumes and Kit Officer


Choose items and create kit designs; Find and approach a company to manufacture kit; Liaise with company to choose specific product items, work out a pricing strategy and finalise designs; Send off designs to the SU to be approved

Complete online product request forms for each item of kit

Advertise kit on social media and at classes and rehearsals

Compile and send off kit order to the company and distribute kit to members upon its delivery


Organise costume orders with any rollover money at the end of the previous year

Communicate with dance captains to organise and confirm costumes for competitions; Communicate with show choreographers to fulfil costume requests, and locate their desired costumes in the costume cupboard or help find other costume solutions; Ensure all costume items are returned after each event


Complete TRAKA access forms at the start of the year to give all committee members keycard access to the costume cupboard

Work with other arts societies to ensure the costume cupboard is kept tidy and organised

Class and Workshop Officer

Creates weekly class timetable.

Oversees or creates rota for overseeing classes

Responsible for class passes.

Organises workshops.

Maintains and creates new relationships with external dancers and choreographers.

Elections 2019

Nominations for the 2019-2020 academic year committee open 17:00 Monday 18th March 2019 and close 17:00 Sunday 24th March 2019.

To nominate yourself you must write a manifesto and upload it to the Bath SU website.

You can nominate yourself for more than one role.

Only dancesoc members can vote in the election. You can vote for yourself.

The training day for the new committee will be June 4th 2019 in 8W 10am-4pm. Lunch will be provided.