'If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal.'

Who Are We?

Have you just had that 'lightbulb' moment and feel inspired, or maybe you are already going through your entrepreneurial journey. Enterprise Bath are here to coach and support you. Expand and grow your business knowledge and personal skills by listening to engaging leaders, participate in innovative workshops, enter competitions and have access to our mentor network.


Student Groups

Bath Entrepreneurs

Bath Entrepreneurs, is the student-led group for people with big ideas. It is designed for people interested in entrepreneurship - whether you have enterprising aspirations or just want to help people who do.



Enactus is an international, student-led society which aims to use the positive power of business to make a difference in the community.


Latest News

CodeAtUni Workshop

Awesome coding bootcamp organised by Bath Entrepreneurs in collaboration with SoMSA on 10th-11th December. Alex, Ed and Elliot from CodeAtUni came to teach us the basics of coding. We created our own personal websites using HTML and CSS. Please write to us if you'd like us to bring CodeAtUni back to our campus for another session!!


The BE^2 Entrepreneurship Conference!

A huge Thankyou to everyone that attended the conference hosted by Bath Entrepreneurs and Enactus on 20th November, we made history!!! It was a great success and I hope that you are feeling just as inspired as we all are?!






















Watch the action https://youtu.be/-t7VxUA_O7M

Read this article by Bath Impact on Bath Entrepreneurs and come join us!


Training & Awards

The Bath Award certificate is awarded to those students who have demonstrated their ability to articulate the development of their key transferable skills during their time at the University it encapsulates exactly the sort of qualities that employers are looking for; communication skills, motivation, leadership and project management.

Enterprise: Reflect on an experience which demonstrates your ability to to turn an idea into a successful enterprise by creating a business plan/model.

https://www.bathstudent.com/bathaward/ for more information or email thebathaward@bath.ac.uk


Skills Training offers free workshops to students looking to improve their career prospects, academic skills and further their personal development. Training is delivered by PwC, local businesses, University staff and Student Trainers.

Follow us on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/skillsbath


The Student Learning Association

Want experience in project management, leadership and teamwork?

Have an idea for a project or event to improve your student experience?

Keen to get tangible experience to boost your employability?


The Student Unions' Student Learning Associate (SLA) scheme can help! You come to us with an idea, we'll provide the training, mentoring and funds to help you make it happen. From international conferences to department-wide research projects, awareness raising campaigns to design competitions - we want to hear your ideas.

To find out more visit the SLA webpages https://www.bathstudent.com/education/sla/projects , or contact scheme coordinator Jenny Medland at student-learning-associates@bath.ac.uk



Enterprise Bath at the Innovation Centre run some fantastic competitions for those of you who wish to further your business ideas and nuture them into becoming reality


Click on the link for event information and to see the competition timetable of events