The following code of conduct was written in response to comments that fell outside of the committee's expectations of acceptable behaviour on the Facebook group, and is intended to make those expectations clear. Each member of the Facebook group should familiarise themself with these points and contact the committee if they have any suggestions or queries regarding it.

Posting Articles

Some sites are notorious for posting particularly unacceptable articles, such as Return of Kings. If you must post an article from one of these sites, we ask that you do so by using This means the site will not get money from advertising from our views.

Due to the nature of gender equality issues, it may be necessary to post articles with upsetting themes. We ask that, when doing so, you consider the effect that the article may have on others in the group (who may be personally affected by these issues). If the article involves a possibly ‘triggering topic’ or graphic images, please add a clear and informative trigger warning when posting (above the article, not simply as a comment below), such as ***Trigger Warning: Personal, detailed accounts of rape/ sexual violence***. If the thumbnail image could be distressing, please opt to post the article without the thumbnail image.

Commenting/ Discussing

Bath Gender Equality is first and foremost a support group. As such, we have a responsibility to keep the FB group a supportive and safe environment.

Therefore, we ask you to keep your comments considerate and productive.

When challenging another’s opinion (even if you heavily disagree), challenge the point and not the person making it. Personal attacks are not acceptable.

Also, comments that discriminate or perpetuate hate on the grounds of race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation (or another characteristic) are not appropriate.

When making a comment around a ‘sensitive subject’ please take extra care to consider how the phrasing of your comment may be interpreted. With these subjects, it may not be appropriate to play devil’s advocate.

When participating in discussions, please do so with the intent of supporting others or engaging in healthy discussion. Do not phrase your comments in a way that attempts to shame, humiliate or undermine others.
If you feel another user’s comments are inappropriate or could be construed as personal attacks, message a member of the committee and we will respond to this. Remember, don’t feed the trolls!


Warnings/ Disciplinary Action

All users of the FB group should abide by this code of conduct. If an individual does not, this may result in disciplinary action being taken against them. This action can be taken entirely at the discretion of the committee and may include, depending on the severity of the offence, any of the following:

  • A Private message to the individual explaining why their actions have broken the code of conduct and, if applicable, how they can avoid doing this in the future
  • An article/ comment being deleted off of the FB page.
  • A comment being made on a thread from a committee member outlining that a comment is inappropriate
  • A member being banned/ blocked from the FB group and prevented from rejoining
  • For more serious breaches, the university may take further disciplinary action

If you feel the code of conduct has been broken by another member, please contact a member of the committee. Alternatively, please contact the page administrators on:

If you have breached the code of conduct, it may be appropriate to make an apology to those concerned (in a low-level incident, this may be enough to prevent further disciplinary action).


General advice

  • It can be difficult to communicate intent over the internet. Please bear this in mind.
  • It may be better to withdraw from a discussion rather than continuing out of a sense of obligation. Know your limits!