Weekly Sessions

Join us every Wednesday from 6:30-8pm in Chancellor's Building room 4.10 or also available on Microsoft Teams! We meet for a session on a different topic each week, with an interactive presentation from one of our committee members, and we welcome discussion. These sessions are completely FREE with our membership and anyone is welcome! So far this year, we have had sessions around Intersectionality and Black History Month, the Sexualisation of Halloween, and Sexuality and Heterosexuality.

Every week we will post on Instagram, Facebook, and our Whatsapp group chat with details about the topic of discussion for our weekly session.

Want to be more involved?

If you would like to take on a more active role within Feminism and Gender Equality, we are always looking for people who would be up for running one of our sessions! If this appeals to you and you have an idea or you have any questions, do drop us an email feminism-gender-equality@bath.ac.uk or a message on Facebook and we would be happy to help.

Collaboration with other Groups

We are always looking for opportuinites to collaborate with other groups in the SU - whether that be a society, sports group, volunteer group, or another Diversity and Support Group! Get in touch if you have any ideas and we would be happy to work together.